The Exhibition PROKosmos
The Exhibition PROKosmos

You are my Sun! You are my Space! So we say about the close and dear person. The Exhibition PROKosmos by Constantine Batynkov is all about that is near and dear to the artist. In his black and white canvases idea of distant worlds sealed, where the line between fantasy and reality is almost non-existent. Familiar to astronomers and astrologers pictures of sunrise, eclipses, meteor shower are becoming a magical attraction. And most likely, the secret lies in the fact that the artist is extremely honest in their work. Constantine Batynkov is well known for its extraordinary discount in various genres. His Stakhanov’s efficiency has become a legend, but vivid and memorable art exhibitions as a well-deserved reward for a lot of work.

The promised press conference did not take place. Instead, the audience immediately began to get acquainted with the paintings. Perhaps the reason for this was a change in the celestial path of the planet Mercury, the main space communicator. But in the short break between the interviews we were able to ask a few questions to the master. It turned out that the artist was born in Sevastopol, where the center of attraction is the sea, not the Cosmos. And in childhood Constantine never dreamed of becoming an astronaut. All the pictures that we saw were from the heart, from the early experiences and adult perceptions of distant worlds. The artist explains: «Real space is certainly fascinating, but it is far. We live earthly experiences, we understood. So we have to write about what just heard, read or seen in the pictures. »

The exhibition has surpassed my expectations. I felt like in my native element. Possibly such factors played a role as a good location next to the planetarium, and a huge number of diverse paintings, and the presence of fellow artists and gallery owners. When we think about space, we rise above reality. Space inspires.

The exhibition takes place in Moscow Planetarium with the support by Krokin gallery from February 12 to March 15, 2015. 

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The Exhibition PROKosmosThe Exhibition PROKosmosThe Exhibition PROKosmosThe Exhibition PROKosmosThe Exhibition PROKosmosThe Exhibition PROKosmosThe Exhibition PROKosmosThe Exhibition PROKosmos

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