The Exhibition «Live, love, laugh»
The Exhibition «Live, love, laugh»
On February 12 at the Buddhist Cultural Center Buddha House the photo exhibition «Live, love, laugh» opened. Project author is Victoria Kulikova, producer ща TV projects, VGIK professor and just very interesting, deep person. In her photographies Vietnam was presented in the way what Victoria saw it in her short, but capacious traveling around the country. Organizers of the project are Buddhist Cultural Center «Buddha House», Russian Association of Diamond Way Buddhist; Embassy of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, the Institute of Oriental Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences, and others. This event is timed to coincide with an important date: in 2015, Russia and Vietnam celebrate 75 years since the establishment of diplomatic relations and 70 years of economic and trade cooperation.

The aim of the project was to familiarize with Vietnam, with its cultural, historical and religious traditions, symbolism, architecture and other unusual features of this country. When we entered the premises of the center, as we felt completely different atmosphere. We were met by a quiet smiles, amazing calmness and kindness, and wonderful exotic flavors of Vietnamese cuisine filled the entire room. Communication with Victoria, the author of the photo exhibition, brought a lot of positive emotions. Her interest in Vietnam began with a single trip, which left a deep trace in her soul. It happens. And so it was after my trip to Mexico. Victoria told her surprised by the fact that the Buddhist lamas are able to maintain their physical body in the incorruptibility after death. We have not learned the secret of this miracle, but were able to reflect on the eternal values in a dynamic rhythm of life in Moscow.

Later in the program of the event was playing on national instruments, dramatization of Vietnamese folklore, tasting of national dishes and priceless live chat. These meeting allowed to warm trace of the heart and a pleasant aftertaste. What would happen with us, with our planet if everyone engaged only in business and moves the spiritual life by the wayside? This analogy is appropriate here: there are countries that use oxygen on the planet at the expense of others, and there are those that are planted their forests. Inner work is necessary. Esoterics and astrologers do great contribution in this work.

More in details about the new events in the Buddha House: www.facebook.com/BuddhistCulturalCenter.


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