Press Conference «The parallels of Caesarism»
Press Conference «The parallels of Caesarism»

On February 20, in Apogee-theater a press conference on «The parallels of Caesarism: from antiquity to the present day» will host. Among the speakers at the conference will be: Elias Regul, journalist, producer, writer, playwright; Jeanne Golubickaya, journalist of Publishing House «Moskovsky Komsomolets», the author of the book series «Reports from the studs» and the series of «Desperate Housewives»; Anton Pashutin, journalist, Publishing House «Kommersant», the philosopher and popularizer of Schopenhauer’s ethics.

Extraordinary speakers will present their works (reports, books, plays a slideshow) in various aspects of the study of tolerance (from the perspective of comparative Source, history, political science, philosophy, literature, culture / theater studies). We are expected a lively discussion of the phenomenon of Caesarism: from ancient Rome to Moscow, from Vespasian to Putin. At the meeting, there is announced the presence of diplomats from embassies of Norway, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, the UK and others.

This press conference is to be particularly revealing, as it is in special astrological terms: during the transit of Jupiter in Leo. One of the main themes of this sign is power and its manifestation in all guises. Small approximation to the topic we have done in the article by Veronica Tkachenko «Jupiter in Leo: self-centeredness or personality?». Now we look forward to attitude to this issue from professionals from the other areas.

More in details on the website of the organizer: http://www.infolegal.ru

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