Exhibition of paintings by Natalia Somova and Slava Zaitsev
Exhibition of paintings by Natalia Somova and Slava Zaitsev

On February 20, in TNK ART Gallery an exhibition of paintings of two famous contemporary artists will host. Natalia Somova is a painter, stage designer and painter. Slava Zaitsev is world-class fashion designer, painter and graphic artist. They achieved fame in different kinds of art and now continue to work in different directions, but the picturesque works of famous artists in many ways consonant with each other. It is a poetic note, musical, philosophical and contemplative mood.

Creativity of Natalia Somova and Vyacheslav Zaitsev is an endless immersion in the world of art of bygone civilizations, traveling across countries and continents, familiarity with which is fascinating and opens new perspectives. Natalia Somova graduated from the Moscow Art School in 1905 and the Surikov Art Institute. In 1974, Natalia Somova became a member of the Union of Artists of Russia. Paintings by Natalia Somova are in the museum Ostrovsky (Moscow), in the Museum of Durov Theater (Moscow), the Museum of the Youth Theatre (Moscow), in the Museum of Alexander Ostrovsky in Shchelykovo (Kostroma region, Russia), in the Theater Museum (Riga, Latvia), as well as in private collections in Russia, USA, Germany, England, Canada, South Korea, Italy, Japan, Portugal.

Name of Slava Zaitsev for nearly 40 years due to the fashion world. Slava Zaitsev Fashion House founded in 1982 and has been successfully operating for several decades. Along with fashion designer pays serious attention to painting and drawing. Solo exhibitions by Zaitsev repeatedly passed in the United States (New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles), Belgium (Berzelii, Kortrek), in Estonia (Tallinn). Five paintings and graphic works by Slava Zaitsev belong to the State Tretyakov Gallery. Models from the collection «How young we were» acquired by the Museum of History of Moscow.

From the viewpoint of astrology is noteworthy that the exhibition will be held on the eve of the new Ьoon, at the beginning of Pisces Zodiac sign, which increases the sensitivity and susceptibility to subtle emotional impact. A painting of the masters, of course, refers to this kind of art. 

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