Paintings by Slava Zaitsev in the gallery TNK ART
Paintings by Slava Zaitsev in the gallery TNK ART

On February 20 opening of an exhibition of two Russian artists: Natalia Somov and Vyacheslav Zaitsev was held. In fact, it was a dialogue between the two artists, which can be traced as a general means of expression, and so of its original features. Slava Zaitsev name is widely known in the fashion world. Therefore, fans and connoisseurs of fashion were even more interesting to learn about the other side of the great designer: painting. For Slava Zaitsev it is one way of expressing his poetic thoughts, moods, feelings and experiences. The most important point in the development of new models of designer finds support on the inner world of man, to the spiritual wealth of both women and men. In terms of astrology, to this search for harmony internal and external peace stimulates Connect 4 planets in Pisces: Sun, Mercury, Moon and Venus. Typically, the effect of the planets of Pisces is manifested in adulthood. Indeed, over the past few years, we are pleased to note a very interesting, deep, diverse fashion collections. But perhaps the most interesting things are ahead of us. While we will not disclose the intrigue.

In Fashion House on Prospekt Mira a large number of pictures by Slava Zaitsev presented. A small exhibition at the gallery was held on the eve of the artist’s birthday, which he celebrates on March 2. Very close attention designer pays to Russian folk art. Therefore, several folk costumes in the exposition looked quite organically. In my opinion, his work clearly reflects erotic motifs. These are is fantastic characters, grotesque forms, amorous couples with full lips looking to each other etc.

Unfortunately, the conditions under which an exhibition passed, do not allow to submit the advantageous of the works. Small place is conventionally divided into two rooms. Sharp lighting strikes the eye and distorts perspective on the paintings. Perhaps gallery owners need to work on in order to «turn the defects in the effects».

The exhibition is open from February 20 to March 30, 2015. Address of TNK ART Gallery: Dolgorukovskaya st, 6. More in details: www.tnkart.ru

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Paintings by Slava Zaitsev in the gallery TNK ARTPaintings by Slava Zaitsev in the gallery TNK ARTPaintings by Slava Zaitsev in the gallery TNK ARTPaintings by Slava Zaitsev in the gallery TNK ART

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