Introducing the new employee of the Moscow Institute of Technology
Introducing the new employee of the Moscow Institute of Technology

In mid-February, many metropolitan news portals bypassed with this title. For me, as a specialist of the fashion industry, it seemed too far away from everyday activities. But after a call from the organizers, I decided to attend the presentation. And, as it turned out, for good reason. In the study of astrology, we talked about the epoch of Aquarius. And here I saw the products and technologies of a new era with their own eyes. In my childhood, this could only dream. And now the reality has surpassed all expectations.

At the presentation the audience was presented a new employee of the Moscow Institute of Technology. And they turned out to be Promobot. The authors of this invention - Russian developers, the winners of technology startups GenerationS. At the press conference were speakers: Alexei Yuzhakov, founder and CEO of Promobot, Head of the Department of robotics at MIT, PhD; Igor Eremeev, CTO Promobot, director of the Center of robotics; Gregory Bubnov, rector and president of MIT, president of Moscow Business School and others. They spoke in detail about the joys and difficulties in the work on the project.

On February 20, 2015 Promobot will work together on an equal footing staff as Deputy Head of the Department of Robotics. His responsibilities include: collecting data on the interaction of biological and technical objects, to study the reaction of humans and robots in different situations, participation in educational programs in robotics, administrative work, counseling, guests and staff at MIT. The general public remains unknown what salary gets new employee. For the rest, it was evident that he is friendly and ready for new tasks.

Long queue lined up to test the new employee. Today Promobot can recognize and remember more than 100,000 people to broadcast commercials and presentation slides, uses more than 100,000 voice modules and capable of learning. The feature set of the robot will be updated over time and evolve.

With the beginning of a new era! Since the beginning of the Age of Aquarius! 

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