Seminar-presentation of Alto Adige wines
Seminar-presentation of Alto Adige wines

On March 2, 2015 at the Ritz-Carlton a wine tasting from Alto Adige region hosted. For connoisseurs this title immediately says a lot. For beginners and lovers of good wine, it was a great opportunity to get acquainted with magnificent samples of niche wine region. We talked a lot about the influence of astrological configurations for our earthly life. As you know, there are certain patterns in the perception of color as well as taste and smell depending on the position of celestial bodies. Especially a lot of interesting observations we made during the period of Jupiter in Cancer (July 2013-August 2014). The sign of Cancer is directly related to food, good cooking and fine taste sensations. Today we see another connection. Podiums of the world conquered by wine, dark red shades (Marsala is the Color of the Year 2015 according to the company Pantone). This shade is derived from Jupiter in Leo and Saturn in Sagittarius. So the topic of wine smoothly flows into our lives, making it even more intense and deep.

The workshop gave us a glimpse of the deep cultural relations between the development of civilization, ancient and modern winemaking traditions. Sagittarius is associated with travel, national and cultural traditions, new discoveries. It is interesting to note that the first vessels for storing wine were leather bags which were conveniently placed on the saddle for the horse. Horse is animal of Sagittarius Zodiac sign. And these analogies can still go on.

In fashion we always distinguish two main components: 1) national traditions and 2) innovative elements. The same can be said about the wine. This is a long tradition of winemaking and features a separate region. So turn out great wines. Wine is the poetry of the earth. The metaphor I really liked. Unusual climatic characteristics of the region: the contrast of summer and winter temperatures, poor mineral soils contribute to the birth of elegant wines with intense flavor and aroma. Description flavor of wine tasters was similar to the description of complex perfumes. The result we saw in the glass. Our favorite - La Grain - was presented by 20 individual producers.

Sun in conjunction with Neptune and Moon in Leo on the day of the event contributed to the fact that everything was top notch. Thanks Artwine company for the wonderful event! 

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Seminar-presentation of Alto Adige wines Seminar-presentation of Alto Adige wines Seminar-presentation of Alto Adige wines Seminar-presentation of Alto Adige wines

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