The total solar eclipse on March 20
The total solar eclipse on March 20

On March 20, 2015 rare astronomical and astrological phenomenon will happen: a solar eclipse. In ancient times, it has been associated with various superstitions in representations of people, causing awe. For the modern man is characterized by the other extreme. In the dynamic rhythm of city life we ​​have no time once again to raise our eyes to heaven and think about what's going on up there. And not for good reason.

Celestial phenomena have a significant impact on our earthly life. To deny this relationship means the same thing as denying the change of day and night, winter and summer, the existence of the tides, the presence of circadian, subsistence and other natural biological rhythms at the level of the body and even individual cells. It is best to study the effect of the moon on the earth’s life. The other cosmic factors still waiting for their turn. Solar eclipse is bright and infrequent astronomical phenomenon. At this time the eclipse coincides with the spring equinox and new moon. This happens rarely. If desired, it is possible to calculate a very good sign. Sergei Smirnov, a senior fellow at the Pulkovo Astronomical Observatory, commented on the upcoming event.

In Moscow, the Moon’s shadow will hide a little more than half of the solar disk at 13 for 20 minutes. At the site of the Moscow Planetarium real science show will be held. On the roof of the Planetarium several telescopes will put, astronomers will immediately tell what was happening, and at the Observatory telescope will project the image from the screen. Although the eclipse is a phenomenon not very rare to see him with a habitable Earth is seldom points. In the short term, to see how Moon completely covers tSun, it will be possible only in Spain in 2026 or in Egypt in 2027 and 2034. In Moscow, most likely, only our grandchildren will see a total solar eclipse. According to the astronomical calendar, it will happen after 111 years, on October 16, 2126.

Details - on the site of the Moscow Planetarium

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