Flowers in Spring-Summer collection 2015 by Naulover
Flowers in Spring-Summer collection 2015 by Naulover

Spring becomes a part of our wardrobe with floral prints by Naulover. Flowers have always inspired great masters of the fashion world. Without a doubt, the flower is a stable trend, it is an example of a gentle nature, who came to stay with us for a long time. And we have a confirmation from the point of view of Fashion Astrology. Jupiter, the main indicator of social tastes, will move from Leo sign into Virgo sign in August 2015 and will mark a new era of attention to floral motifs. We have called this trend: «Anatomy of plants». Company Naulover is ahead of average consumption and offers us the most progressive ideas in advance. In Spring-Summer collection by Naulover there are bet on tropical jungle and multi-floral prints in dresses, shirts, skirts and women's trousers. An interesting fact is that Naulover used water lily, beautiful and mysterious flower, which is admired for many artists and Impressionists such as Monet. The color of the water plants, beginning with dusty-pink and rolling in blue and yellow, creates a sweet and violent explosion that resonates in our hearts.

Official representative of Naulover in Russia and the CIS is a showroom Giardino Eliso. 

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