Observations of the falling stars
Observations of the falling stars

In early August, residents of the northern hemisphere are traditionally observe the meteor shower. This beautiful celestial phenomenon usually occurs from July 26 till September 1, and the maximum is on August 18. For astrologers there are own landmarks: middle of  Leo Zodiac sign. Meteors have average speed, and the color of their usual blue and white. In early August, you can watch the Perseids meteor shower, when the stars fall to 60 per hour. Later, another begins cosmic attraction - a meteor shower of Cygnids whose brightness is much less to 3 meteors per hour. But if you want, you can watch the meteor shower before the end of August. On the falling stars is best to look away from the city, because the light from different sources scattered in the lower atmosphere and illuminates the night sky.

In the XIX century astronomical observations centered around the peak of the Perseids, so until XX century to establish the real date of maximum activity stream Cygnids not possible. Only later observers began to notice that the activity of the flow is highest in a week after the maximum of the Perseids.

Watch for falling stars and make a wish!

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