The convergence of Venus with the Earth
The convergence of Venus with the Earth

On the night between August 15 and 16 Venus comes in maximum close to Earth. On August 15th this planet will come in lower conjunction with the Sun, and on August 16 at 2 o'clock 23 minutes Moscow time there will be at a minimum distance from our planet. As morning star, Venus will shine from 24 August.

While traveling in its orbit around the Sun, Venus shows the same phase as that of the Moon. To the naked eye the planet’s disk changes are not visible, but thin crescent of Venus can be seen through a telescope. This is due to the fact that as the convergence of Venus and the Sun in the sky of the Earth that faces us the planet is less illuminated by the Sun, and Venus takes the shape of a crescent. Primer Moon itself appears dark and reflects at least 10% of incident sunlight its surface. Clouds of Venus are dazzlingly bright as snow. This explains the good visibility of the planet in the night sky even at the minimum phase.

Venus is the closest planet to Earth of the solar system, but the distance from Earth to the neighbor constantly changing. Both planets are moving almost circular orbits around the sun at different speeds. Venus makes a full circle around the Sun in 224.7 days, and the Earth - 365.26 per day. Thus, the maximum convergence and the removal of Venus and Earth are repeated only once every 584 days.

From the point of view of Fashion Astrology, Venus retrograde period and its rapprochement with the Earth it is very important to work on individual style, to correct cosmetic defects and guidance beauty.

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