Astronomical section of the Moscow Planetarium
Astronomical section of the Moscow Planetarium

Moscow Planetarium begins to set schoolchildren in astronomical section! Astronomical section of the Moscow planetarium works since 1934. Many of its graduates are now leading scientists, whose names are known all over the world. «The sky is like an endless book exciting entrained in the fathomless depths of the universe. To fold scattered through the pages of the myriad stellar firmament of letters in history, we must learn to observe, to be able to find clues to many mysteries hidden from indifferent, — the head of the Astronomical Complex Moscow Planetarium Jaroslav Turilov said. — For the love of astronomy it begins with the desire to touch the unknown before, learn the secrets of the cosmos.»

Classes will be held in the Great Hall of the Star, in an astronomical observatory on the site, Sky Park. We have a unique Planetarium and the city and the country of equipment that allows children to explore a realistic starry sky. Already in the first year children will learn about the history of astronomy, the origin of the solar system, the laws of motion of celestial bodies, and by learning to work with different types of telescopes, conduct their own observations of the planets, moon, double and variable stars. Classes are free.

We know how often designers create their collections under the impression of boundless Space, some fine works of art inspired by the motives of space. Quite often that astrologers detached from the astronomical practices and experience confusion when observing the starry sky. Many people used to do calculations with the help of computer programs. Therefore, the study of the sky will help to raise the overall level of education and raise free citizens with a global, planetary thinking.

Details on the website of Moscow Planetarium.  

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