DobroPark» Festival in «The Hermitage» Garden
DobroPark» Festival in «The Hermitage» Garden

On September 1, in Moscow, a charity festival «Dobropark» will host. Organizers of the event are «The Hermitage» Garden, the park «Perovsky», family sales club «Mamsy» and Hospice Foundation «Vera». The Fund was established in November 2006 and named in honor of the Vera Millionshtchikova, founder and chief physician of the First Moscow Hospice. Today Foundation is the only Russia's non-profit organization dedicated to the support of hospices and their patients. Foundation staff are convinced that if a person can not be cured, it does not mean that it can not be helped. If necessary, psychological and astrological counseling  provided. Read more about the fund «Vera» on this link

The purpose of the event is help to fulfill the dreams of seriously ill children. On this day, children and school children waiting for master classes on weaving fashion bangles, creating Shukhov Tower and many other workshops. Young visitors of the park will offer mobile and board games, children's fitness, fair school supplies, akva make-up and other entertainment. Festival guests waiting for a concert with participation of stars. Participants of the festival «Dobropark»: Guru Groove Foundation, Uma2rman, Anton Belyayev and Therr Maitz, and in the park «Perovsky» - Peter Nalich. To multiply holiday, the teleconference between parks will be organized: visitors and benefactors will be able to see what is happening in the park on the large multimedia screens, share moods and impressions. Everyone can come to help fund «Vera» by sending SMS to participate in master classes and even to dine on the food court of the festival. A memory to capture its vivid emotions everyone will be able in a special fotocabine. On the festival a bright light flash mob will be.

Help to fulfill the dream of a sick child! Come into the garden «Hermitage» on September 1 from 15 to 19 hours. 

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