Ruza Family Park: a settlement for happiness
Ruza Family Park: a settlement for happiness

On September 15, 2015 a press conference showing the residential complex Ruza Family Park will take place. We will learn about the secrets of the creation of the settlement with a comfortable living environment, which are created at the request of the residents themselves, according to their own ideas of happiness. This is a unique approach, which has no analogues in Russia. In the world there is only one state: Bhutan, where there is an official Ministry of happiness. It is actively working to increase the level of happiness of its citizens. It seems that the GC «KMD-Development» will join this rare list.

To identify the most popular queries and form a pool of objects to create them, the people submit their applications, in which they write about their wishes. As a result of this work there was a precedent, when the village, claimed during his idea as an object of «business class», in the process of its creation has become the object with new options that meet the parameters of «premium». Start of the project coincided with two important astrological aspects: Jupiter in Leo (July 2014-August 2015) helps to identify personal preferences for the most prestigious and comfortable life, and the transition of Jupiter in Virgo in August 2015 helps to implement these ideas in practice. 

At the press conference will include senior officials of the Civil Code «KMD-Development». Infrastructure LC «Ruza Family Park» includes a unique project for the towns of the Moscow region: Holiday Park. Residential complex Ruza Family Park (and its VIP-area Royal Forest), located near the village Rozhdestveno, one of the most historic areas Ruza district. The village was named Rozhdestveno (Christmas) in existed here Church of the Nativity. The village had another name: Markovo. This ancient place name, which is found in the documents of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. According to scribal books 1625-1626, The village of Rozhdestveno was in common ownership of an ancient family Davydov, which originates from the nobleman Minchak.

Currently, in the village of Rozhdestveno about 180 people live. Residential complex «Ruza Family Park» adjacent to the borders of the village, there will be about 300 households. 

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