The opening of the photo exhibition «Carla Fracci: step by step»
The opening of the photo exhibition «Carla Fracci: step by step»

On September 16 in Moscow the opening of the photo exhibition devoted to the creative activity of world ballet legend Carla Fracci will host. For the first time in Moscow photos will feature taken in different periods of creative activity of an outstanding Italian ballerina Carla Fracci. The exhibition will be the eve of the world premiere of «The Mystery of the ballet» with one outstanding ballerina. The photos of Signora Fracci imprinted with outstanding artists: Rudolf Nureyev, Eric Bruno, Mikhail Baryshnikov, Alicia Alonso, Vladimir Vasiliev. In the black-and-white photographs prima ballerina of La Scala as if frozen to the audience in his most famous images of Medea, La Sylphide, Giselle, Odette, Hamlet, Salome, Coppelia. The scenery for many of them the most prestigious stages of the world were. All photos for the Moscow exhibition selected from the personal archives of Carla Fracci. They have never before been exhibited in public, so are particularly valuable for historians and admirers of ballet.

The program includes: a greeting from Carla Fracci, a performance by the famous «dancing artist» Marta Tish, presentation of the collection of perfume fragrances Carla Fracci and jewelry collection «Swan Lake». Each piece in this collection is the name of the main ballets Carla Fracci, she played in the most iconic scenes of the world. Perfume works and jewelry, united by a common idea of ​​the beauty of dance to help feel the atmosphere of the dance, immerse yourself in the world of shine spotlights and grace of ballet. Online there are many rave reviews about the different compositions of the brand, but they argue that the winner of these flavors will never go unnoticed. His trail of clouds shroud head passers intoxicating their mind and captivates with its elegance. We also talked about the relationship of aromas and symbolism of the planets. Astrological classification of perfumes and fragrances published in the book Veronica Tkachenko «The Fashion and Beauty Astrology».

Carla Fracci wanted to create a fragrance from early childhood. Catching the famous dance choreographer George Balanchine, she learned the secret of the virtual master craftsmanship productions. He picked up the scent of the dancers and the smell determines the location of each girl. Thus, it was possible not only to see the rehearsal process, but also to feel a mixture of music and scents in a single art of dance. Only decades later the woman was able to realize his childhood dream come true and create your own perfume. Learn more about perfume brand on the site.

On September 28 Carla Fracci will perform on the stage of the theater «Russian Song» directed by «The Mystery of the ballet». 

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