«The Dream» at the circus «Aquamarine»
«The Dream» at the circus «Aquamarine»

On September 26, 2015 Circus of dancing fountains «Aquamarine» invites you to a romantic new show called «The Dream»! The program of the show «The Dream» combines the best numbers of artists from all over the the world, including the Honored Artist of Russia illusionist Tuychi Khan, winner of the prize «Silver Elephant» acrobats from Ethiopia Leul Mekonnen Beley and Naomi Nigussi Vosen, Honored Artist of the RSFSR trainer Nikolai Yermakov, the winners of the European Circus Festival in Wiesbaden Quartet ща acrobats-jugglers Teslenko. Ice ballet troupe constitutes from international class master of sports. The author of the choreography on ice acts Stanislav Voytyuk, the choreographer working with the stars of figure skating and Olympic medalists.

Young Mistress Dreamcatcher will make a web of your dreams and slightly open the fascinating world of the celestial heights where miracles come true. In the circus, anything is possible! Check that the four-legged students know math in «Dog Academy». Fearlessness surprised acrobats. Uncover the secrets of magic with illusionist! Laugh heartily with clowns Mick and Mack!

Sometimes dreams are a luxury. But there are other times when the dream is necessary. Our dreams are becoming a springboard which helps to go back to the future, where people takes effect. Especially pleased that our friends and partners from the circus «Aquamarine» chose the right time from the perspective of astrology. It is in these days the world play a show: the parade of planets. This celestial phenomenon simultaneously accumulates the energy of many planets and creates a unique environment for the development of new developments. We are required only a strong desire to be transferred to a new time and a new quality. Stars support us in this.

For all guests will be organized interactive entertainment, creating the atmosphere of an old circus, which will serve as a preface to the play itself. In the foyer of the circus cozy cafes circus, rides, pony rides, water make-up and photo as a gift will be. We also enjoyed this unique atmosphere and convinced the wonderful hospitality of the staff of the circus.

More in details on the web www.circ-a.ru. You will enjoy an unforgettable sight! 

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