Golden Tour by Andrea Sarasso: wine painting and tasting
Golden Tour by Andrea Sarasso: wine painting and tasting

On December 16 and 17, representatives of the capital’s media will learn about the unique art form: wine painting. Organizers from the Italian side often offer us an exquisite events. At this time, we will have a very exquisite pleasure: Golden Tour by Andrea Sarasso. Many people drink grape wine, in the creation of which the winemaker puts a piece of your heart, but to keep in your home collection exclusive picture painted their favorite wine to make a unique gift it's a single, unbeatable fun! The idea of wine painting is very ancient and complex. Not everyone can paint a picture of wine. Restricting color pushes the search for form and volume, and wines from different grape varieties give different shades. Young picture is easily distinguishable from the earlier paintings. If the picture is fresh, it’s tone is purple and cherry red. If the picture is painted for more than 3 months ago, it will be closer to shades of amber color and orange-brown.

Guests of the event will be able to meet with the artist Ariana Greco. Ariana invented a new technique that allows the wine to become more dense and thick, exactly lie on the canvas and not to lose color. Painting, wine, produced by living, they change colors and shades with the times and exude delicate fragrances. «Wine in the glass ends quickly, and the canvas is forever».

During the session, painting, visitors can taste Supertoskana from Urlari, wines from Piedmont economy I Carpini and mineral water from the Alps of San Bernardo. Tuscan winery Urlari located near Bolgheri. At the tasting will be presented to two wines: L'Urlo (Merlot) and Pervale (basic grade is Sangiovese), which felt Bordeaux character and handwriting of the French enologist Jean-Philippe Fort (www.urlari.com). I Carpini is an area of ​​Colli Tortonesi (Piedmont). There are two main varieties cultivated: Timorasso and Barbera. At the tasting will be the opportunity to try Timorasso in a quiet and sparkling versions, as well as wines from the Barbera (www. cascinacarpini.it).

And a little remark from the astrological point of view. The tasting will take place on December 16 under the influence of Moon in Aquarius, which is well-suited for people with extraordinary attitude. On December 17 the effect of Moon in Pisces included, which is very beneficial for the process of tasting and dive into the world of fine wines. The event is designed for professionals in the wine market: representatives of the wine trading companies, journalists and bloggers. Site of the organizer: www.vinoitaliano.ru

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