Collection by Nadezhda Babkina for corpulent women
Collection by Nadezhda Babkina for corpulent women

On December 16, at the theater «Russian Song» on Olympic Avenue a presentation of a collection of clothing for corpulent women will host. It was called «Do not hesitate to be beautiful». Nadezhda Babkina’s collection designed in collaboration with fashion designer Victoria Vijaniyam. Nadezhda Babkina was directly involved in the development of models of clothes: she chose fabrics, colors defined future dresses and suits, personally tried on every model, watched the production process. Well-known personalities, as well as the most ordinary Russian women will perform as models. At the presentation of Nadezhda Babkina will tell, how she created the collection, as well as will introduce all those who participated in the development and production of the first models of the capsule.

For five years in the popular program «Fashionable judgement» Hope Babkin has become an expert in the field of fashion. She often met interesting, successful women with irregular shapes that often lack the skills to create an attractive image. Clothing from the collection of Hope Babkina is not only beautiful, but also comfortable, can help to hide figure flaws and highlight the merits.

Astrological aspects at the time of the collection bring to the fore the quality of cutting and treatment of details, draw attention to accessories (Jupiter in Virgo from August 2015 till September 2016). We hope that Nadezhda Babkina has considered these points in his debut collection. Typically, the author of the collection with great pleasure demonstrates their models. At this time we have received clear warning from the PR-service that Nadezhda Babkina acts not in clothes of her own design. In our view, this is a serious marketing mistake that can lead to an inadequate perception of the entire collection.

The main event of the evening will be a charity event jointly with Astrakhan Regional Charitable Foundation «Step Forward», which is aimed at targeted assistance to needy children. The evening will be attended by prominent politicians, titled sportsmen, as well as famous artists and models corpulent sizes. As usual at such events, the entrance to the charity event is carried out by invitation. 

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