The exhibition at the Museum of Oriental art: Year under the sign of Fire Monkey
The exhibition at the Museum of Oriental art: Year under the sign of Fire Monkey

Year of Monkey begins on February 8th, 2016. The Oriental Museum an exhibition dedicated to the owner of the year by the Eastern calendar is open. Eastern New Year is really the beginning of a new frame of reference in which the two elements are combined: the lunar and solar calendar. And if you have already met Year of the Monkey ‘with Kremlin chimes, nothing prevents you to do it again, now at the right time. Therefore familiarity with the cultural background of ancient Buddhist legend about the host of the year by the Eastern calendar is of interest not only for astrologers and esoterics, but also for all educated people.

The chronological framework of the exhibition covers the period from IX to XX centuries. It includes the works of art from Japan, China, Mongolia, India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Myanmar and Cambodia. Diverse materials from which the items: porcelain, silk, ivory, bronze, wood and even paper. Among the exhibits the viewer will find the hero ancient Indian epic «Ramayana» by Hanuman, the character of the Chinese novel «Journey to the West» by Sun Wukong, which became popular in the East with the three monkeys «hear no, see no, do not say» and others. The exhibition can be seen dolls from Indonesian wayang kulit shadow theater. During performances of light shadows, moving against a white screen with light, creating an enchanting sight, recalling the origins of this theatrical performance - the ancient ritual of evoking the spirits of ancestors, who embody both by puppets and their shadows.

The exhibition will also include works by Japanese artist Sosena Mori (1749-1821), famous for its spectacular images of monkeys. One of the scrolls shows the Buddhist parable of the impermanence of the world. It reflects the Japanese proverb: «Catch the happiness in the world is as stupid and senseless as to catch the moon’s reflection in the water.» The heroes of this story are the classic monkeys. Art of Japan will be presented and carved bone by products netsuke. The exposition will be presented from January 22 till February 21, 2016 at the State Museum of Oriental Art at: Moscow, Nikitskiy Blvd., 12-a. 

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