Birth of a vertical
Birth of a vertical

Spring indulges us with different vernissages. On March 17 in Krokin gallery an opening of an personal by Francisco Infante will host. It perfectly corresponds to nowadays popular format of a journey into the history and actual trend of various reconstructions. But this is just a formal side of the exhibition, which focused on artworks created at the period from 1962 till 1965. The dominant idea or the exhibition is not only artworks but also the process of its creation, which is documented in numerous drawings, made by young Francisco on the pages of an ordinary school exercise book. That was the beginning. There wasn’t the outworld in this sketchbook, what would be normal for these days. There was the world of ideas, an inviting secret of Existence, it’s appearance, language and metaphoric expression. “The birth of the vertical” is a genesis, in particular the birth, of the system, which would be realized and formulated in subsequent years. But the completely first insight, the impulse and its absolute value were recognized just then. 

At this time, vernissage will take place under specific astrological aspects: under the sign of Pisces, when Venus conjunct Neptune in the sign. At such times, a touch of beauty to the world is of particular depth and promises an indispensable success of this event.

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