Vesna Tochka Sex
Vesna Tochka Sex

On March 18 in Moscow, in the pre-party bar «head and shoulders» (Tverskaya 12/1), an exhibition «Vesna Tochka Sex» will host. On the eve of the long-awaited spring we wake up together with the nature and readily perceive unusual solutions. One of these solutions is absurd exhibition of the artist Marta Tish. She will present a very provocative workы, written in a mixture of comic book style graffiti, post-impressionism, minimalism, seasoned with elements of theater of the absurd.

«The exhibition’s title reveals the starting point - the epicenter of life, - says the author of the exhibition. - In the spring of the world wakes up from the cold winter dreams, and we find ourselves at the starting point, which I call the «zero kilometer of life». This is sex. Sex is the most primitive and at the same time, insanely beautiful splash of emotions, which resulted in the birth of a new life.» Marta has earned a reputation as one of the most paradoxical authors of contemporary art. This is largely due to the performance «Dancing artist». The world practice knows no analogues of a new synthetic form of art created by Russian artist. The unusual process of creating a painting, unite with dance, it becomes a work of art that exists only here and now, in a very short period of time. A painting is only one of the projections, and the result of artistic design at the same time. Astrological aspects: Sun in Pisces and Venus conjunction with Neptune will help to create an unusual creative atmosphere.

More in details  about the exhibition can by e-mail: promo.bigmonster@gmail.com (Konstantin Filippov, PR-manager of Marta Tish. 

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