Golden alchemy in the show Coverme by Olga Plēnkina
Golden alchemy in the show Coverme by Olga Plēnkina

On March 19, in the break between Moscow and the Russian Fashion Week, a fashion show of Autumn-Winter 2016/2017 Coverme by Olga Plēnkina was held. Olga Plēnkina has established itself as an extraordinary and shocking designer. And this time, the show kept the intrigue. Huge gasoline barrels, painted with gold paint, used as decorations. Subject of gold presented in the collection itself. Makeup, hair styling and style of the model reflected the idea of ​​gold plating, chemistry and magic transformation.

The show opens with a ground room of sexy dancers in gold and black suits. According to tradition, in the collection of the brand transformers with detachable accessories were presented, as well as bilateral coats and bomber-unisex decorated with ecological fur. Gold and iridescent petrol outfits were complemented by unusual cap-domes by designer Lilia Gureeva and stylish shoes by Voidshoes and provocative of carpet slippers, specially designed for show by Olga Plenkina. The final touch to images of models steel was jewelry Biju-style and fashionable Woodsun glasses in a wooden frame. The final chord of the show was the amazing acrobatic juggling gold balls.

Generally we assess the new collection from the point of view of Fashion Astrology. Here those designers benefiting that take into account new trends, get their information from the trend-books, fashion astrology forecasts or intuitively anticipating fashion trends. In the season of Autumn-Winter 2016/2017 the leading role the symbolism of the sign of Libra played. In this sign Jupiter stays from September 2016 to October 2017. This is planet, which defines social tastes. Subject tenderness, femininity, romance, decorative, equality of male and female elements in the clothing will be like a red thread through all the fashion items, were born at this time. We have not seen any of these themes in the collection Coverme by Olga Plēnkina. Golden color for astrologers clearly associated with the sign of Leo. Jupiter in Leo (July 2014 to August 2015) noted the popularity of a whole era of gold, which was hard to miss. Currently, gold is no longer catches the eye. But take a look at our more fashionable schedule - in it we see the same process, which is called alchemy. It is associated with the sign of Scorpio. This magical period, the overloaded meaningful elements and strange transformations will begin in the autumn of 2017 (more precisely, from October 2017, when Jupiter enters the sign of Scorpio). And then petrol spots, complex patterns of flowing will prevail.

As you can see, the designer looked a little further than is usually done before the preparations for the fashion week. And this is its merit. Overalls and fur shoes: we tell them "yes"! Apparently, this trend will have a short life, but its appearance has clear astrological signs: Saturn in Sagittarius, in the fiery sign is related to the fur, fringe. The projection of the sign of Sagittarius axis affects the Zodiac signs: Gemini-Sagittarius, and together develops the theme of the shoulder girdle and the hips. Overall is the most typical thing that is catching on in these astrological aspects.

We wish designer health and new successes! 

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Golden alchemy in the show Coverme by Olga PlēnkinaGolden alchemy in the show Coverme by Olga PlēnkinaGolden alchemy in the show Coverme by Olga PlēnkinaGolden alchemy in the show Coverme by Olga Plēnkina

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