About the author

Veronica Tkachenko is an international astrologer, the founder of a new direction: Fashion and Beauty Astrology, Member of Russian Journalist Union. She has diplomas from the Academy of Astrology and several esoteric schools. She has hundreds of publications in the domestic and foreign press, numerous radio and TV appearances, reports at Russian and international astrological congresses. Veronica Tkachenko is the author of four books: «Your Fate and Astrology» (DROFA, 2005), «Is it possible to calculate fashion?» (KONEK, 2005), Fashion and Beauty Astrology (RIPOL-CLASSIC, 2006), The Beauty Calendar (EKSMO, 2005). In 1999, ELLE magazine mentioned Veronica Tkachenko among the ten best astrologers in Russia.

Veronica Tkachenko is the author of priority research in the field of fashion forecasting. In 1997, at the XIV International Congress of Astrologers in Spain (XIV Congreso Iberico de Astrologia), Veronica made a presentation on a new approach to fashion trend forecasting, which caused a wide resonance among both astrologers and fashion industry professionals. Since then, many of these ideas have been tested in the creative and production process, in consultations for designers, major fashion houses and individuals. Accurate and reliable fashion trend forecasts by Veronica Tkachenko have allowed many designers to increase the profitability of their business and establish themselves on the fashion Olympus.

As a result of many years of research, a clear algorithm for fashion trend forecasting has been formulated, which allows you to predict the image of fashion both in general and in detail, significantly ahead of the forecasts of the leading trend agencies. This is an actual color scheme, a key silhouette, constructive lines, iconic accessories.

Veronica generously shares her knowledge at the Fashion Astrology School and offers her students the author’s course «Fashion Astrology. How to create an individual style»: first and second levels. The best students get the opportunity to study at the third level: «Fashion Astrology. How to predict fashion trends.»