Fashion Astrology School

Veronica Tkachenko has been teaching at the Fashion Astrology School since 2015. Training format: online.

Currently, Veronica Tkachenko offers her students the author’s course «Fashion Astrology. How to create an individual style»: first and second levels. The best students get the opportunity to study personally with Veronica Tkachenko at the third level: «Fashion Astrology. How to predict fashion trends».

There are astrologers who call their site as a «gift», but they themselves are not ready to say two words for free to someone who needs support. And there are other astrologers who generously share their knowledge. Sharing your knowledge is the path to immortality. The author of the Fashion Astrology course, Veronica Tkachenko, hopes that she will find worthy followers who will be able to continue the work they have begun and contribute to this direction. And simple actions «Copy + Paste» is an unworthy occupation. You can get these lectures completely free of charge for self-study. If you have any questions, you can contact the course author. All lectures of the first and second levels are located below at the link: Download for free.

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