Third level

If you want to study Fashion Astrology in depth and are ready to devote more effort to this theme, then you can study personally with Veronica Tkachenko at the third level. A prerequisite: brightly and creatively complete absolutely all homework assignments for each lecture of the first and second levels. Send your work to e-mail:; Other conditions are discussed individually.

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Veronica Tkachenko. Fashion Astrology. How to predict fashion trends. – M.: KONEK-M, 2021. In electronic format. ISBN 978-5-901889-23-7

About the author

Veronica Tkachenko is a well-known astrologer, Member of the Russian Journalist Union, head of the project, the founder of a new direction: Fashion and Beauty Astrology.

For whom

For fashion analysts.

For advanced astrologers.

Required level of training

Fluency in the methods of classical European astrology. Knowledge in the field of costume history. Knowledge of the terminology of a fashion industry specialist.


The third level – 12 lectures and up to infinity.

What will you get

Author’s materials: lectures and slides intended for self-study. The texts are written in a lively, colloquial language that creates the full effect of presence. At the end of each lecture, there is a homework assignment that must be completed. The best students get the opportunity to study personally with the author of the course – Veronica Tkachenko.

This is the level of a trend analyst and a confident specialist in fashion trend predicting. You will understand the astrological and social conditions for the formation of a new fashion image. You will learn how to apply the fashion spiral model and properly understand the origins of the resurgence of retro trends. You will be able to highlight micro, macro trends and know the lifespan of each new trend. You will release your trend book – just like trend agency specialists do, only much more accurately and efficiently. You will learn how to map the colors and identify the Color of the Year or the Color of the Season. Thanks to this knowledge, you will be able to imagine the image of the new fashion both in general terms and in detail: colors, key silhouette, constructive lines, shoes and accessories. You will be able to successfully advise representatives of the fashion industry on business and creativity.

If you have any questions, you can contact the course author.


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