Fashion Astrology School

Veronica Tkachenko offers the author's course «Fashion Astrology. How to create an individual style»: first and second levels. The best students get the opportunity to study at the third...


At the moment, two applied topics have been most thoroughly developed in Fashion Astrology. First: predicting fashion trends. Second: developing your own style in accordance with the indicators of...


Gallery shows separate steps of creating an individual style according to a horoscope: «Typical clothes of the Zodiac signs», «Design elements of the Zodiac signs», «Combined influence of the...
About the author

Veronica Tkachenko

— astrologer of an international level, founder of a new direction: Fashion and Beauty Astrology, Member of Russian Journalist Union.

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unique approach

Fashion Astrology

is a new direction created by Veronica Tkachenko practically from scratch. The first publications on this topic appeared in 1996. Today, this concept is much broader than the fashion horoscope or fashion according to the Zodiac signs, which is already familiar to us.

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an astrologer

You can sign up for a consultation with Veronica Tkachenko or discuss the possibilities of cooperation.

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