Retrograde Venus is another interesting factor that affects our perception of beauty and, ultimately, our daily lives. Before we continue consideration of this matter, we must distinguish between fundamentally different concepts. We already talked about the Venus retrograde cycle, which is formed for 8 years as a result of changing direction from forward to Venus retrograde in the same Zodiac. We named it «Space Dance of Venus».

Veronica Tkachenko’s studies show, that during the moment of Venus retrograde connection with Uranus cardinal changes in fashion accessories appear.

The last time it was observed in 2009, when Venus retrograde joined with Uranus in Aries.

The present study is the usual Venus retrograde period, i.e. change of direction from direct to retrograde. It is observed one time in 2 years and lasts about 40 days. It is simpler and more tangible period. Anyone who knows how to feel and love, could feel it on itself. These lines are written just as Venus retrograde, so the examples not far to seek. Ex-boyfriend calls and offers to meet. Childhood friend sends news. Parcel from e-shop comes, but items do not fit in size. As compensation, they offer big discount on my next purchase, but I need to spend money again. Editor calls from the office and promises to pay the long-promised honorarium. I want to wear a dress again, forgotten in a closet. Drop of my favorite perfume evokes nostalgic memories.

For beginner astrologers a stereotype exists: everything that happens during the retrograde motion of the planet, due to the negative. Nothing like that. Naturally, in this case there are delays and interferences in obtaining the result. In fact, a lot depends on how: with a plus or minus you make your actions. As the call is, so the response is. Another stereotype: during the retrograde motion of the planet should not do anything, still it did not work. It is also fundamentally wrong. Any period of retrograde motion of the planet is the time of intense internal work, analyzing life experiences and making important conclusions. If a planet in an individual horoscope is in retrograde movement phase, precisely in this phase person makes the fateful actions and takes the most important decisions in accordance with the symbolism of this planet.

In astrology, Venus is associated with the concepts of love, harmony, beauty, sensuality, aesthetics, material well-being. Under the patronage of Venus all kinds of art, jewelry and luxury goods, fashion and prestige goods, cosmetics and perfumery are. Venus is also responsible for social relations, therefore has a significant impact on the institution of marriage, litigation, questions of finance, property and inheritance. Venus has a direct influence on the formation of the whole system of human values.

What happens when Venus is retrograde? When Venus moves in retro direction, we question the existing values? Most notably it manifested in love and personal relationships. Most often, we are acting within the strict limits of previous experience. If a new relationships are not consistent with our scenario, we strive to complete them in order to protect themselves from possible heartache. Hardest to retrograde motion period reacts man with developed Venus. What does this mean? More we love, the harder is experience of Venus retrograde? Perhaps, yes. Anyone who is capable of experiencing strong feelings, loves and suffers with the same force. The most important thing is an invaluable experience that we gain after exiting the loop of Venus (so astrologers call graphic of retrograde motion of the planet).

Venus retrograde is not suitable for marriage. Relations between the spouses hold on personal agreement and may be different from the norms of conventional morality. Relations with a new people do not meet expectations. But the period of retrograde motion can be used to restore personal relationships, to find new points of contact in the partnership.

Venus is also responsible for quite earthly, material things. When it is retro phase, the desired result is also moving away from us, becomes unreachable. Along with Mercury, Venus governs any contractual and financial relations. If Mercury retrograde violates the very fact of the agreement, the Venus retro-phase process makes it impossible to cash out. Theoretically, the money is there, but you just can not enjoy the rustle of banknotes. If you are applying for a new job, the working conditions and wages may be other than what was promised earlier.

Luxury fur and jewels purchased at a time, often do not bring the desired satisfaction. Exceptions are objects of art purchased at auction with a view to resale. This period is unfavorable for outdoor entertaining places, restaurant, night club, variety. The host institution will not be able to predict the tastes of his guests. In an election or any ratings results may be misleading. The selection criterion does not coincide with the usual landmarks.

Venus has a bearing on the work of all five human senses: sight, hearing, touch, smell, taste. In Venus retrograde taste buds disrupt, demand for sweet increases, perception of flavors distort. So in this period should not make a presentation of the new restaurant menu or wine degustation, as well as the presentation of new perfumes, cosmetics.

On Venus retrograde, we pay more attention to their appearance, we care about the beauty of the face and body. At such times, good to visit a beautician to remove all flaws and leave the perfect beauty. Recommended procedures of hair removal, removal of tumors, peelings, hardware lifting, contouring, thread implantation, i.e. all that can be called correction of beauty. But seriously plastic surgery, which causes a violation of tissue integrity, is better to make on direct Venus. Then the risk of complications and inappropriate expectations will reduce. More information can be found on the consultation Veronica Tkachenko.

Unlike Mercury retrograde, retrograde Venus has a marked effect on the production of fashion goods. In Venus retrograde retro fashion reborns. Designers in their work are looking for inspiration in the past epochs. Consumers of fashion goods gladly return to the old style, which they had once worn. Therefore, during Venus retrograde the unsold items can easily sell, giving them under the guise of retro. Clothing and accessories that relate to the happy period of our life gives us a very special pleasure. Perhaps that is why many women keep their wedding dress to convey it to his daughter or relative.

We remember that the influence of Venus is stronger in accessories than in fashion clothes and shoes. Therefore Venus retrograde especially prized vintage decorations that help to create a unique individual style. This period lasts only 40 days, so it is useful to scroll old fashion magazines, to fix your clothes, pick up new sets of old things.

And now let’s summarize and present specific recommendations.

In everyday life

Not recommended:

– to start a new relationship;

– to register the marriage;

– to sign contracts;

– to register banks, open deposits;

– to buy stocks conclude exchange transactions;

– to make ratings and conduct the vote;

– to open entertainment;

– to acquire works of art and luxury, jewelry and valuables;

– presentations of restaurant menu and wine products.


– to establish a personal and family relations;

– to strengthen partnerships; to lay new traditions;

– to analyze mistakes; to check your true values??;

– to study the legal issues relating to the common property and inheritance;

– to check the status of bank accounts, consult with an expert on financial matters;

– visiting exhibitions, museums, theaters, develop their aesthetic taste.

In fashion and beauty

Not recommended:

– to open beauty salons and health centers;

– to develop projects related to trade fashion goods, cosmetics, ornaments;

– to acquire works of art and luxury;

– presentations of new cosmetic procedures, perfumes and cosmetics;

– to conduct an advertising campaign, a fashion show;

– to carry out plastic surgery.


– to carry out a variety of beauty treatments;

– to seek the advice of stylists and makeup artists

– to acquire works of art for resale;

– to engage in the restoration, finding valuables for compiling collections;

– to restore order in his wardrobe;

– to create a new image, to improve their own individual style;

– to clean and repair jewelry.

Venus retrograde periods  for  2022-2026

July 23, 2023  – September 4, 2023

March 2, 2025 – April 13, 2025

October 3,  2026 –  November 14, 2026