One of the most frequent questions at my astrological consultations concerns fashion changes by East calendar. I successfully apply traditions of the western astrology for fashion forecasting. Nevertheless, it is possible to allocate general characteristics of a fashion by East calendar which are closely connected with symbolism of the owner of a year. It’s interesting to notice that such annual changes are most appreciable in the European fashion, but east traditions continue to keep surprising conservatism.

Here I suggest the astrological fashion forecast by East calendar. Following these recommendations, you can easily create original individual style at any time.

Year of Rat

Rat gives special attention to an image, therefore in a year of Rat it is necessary to get a decent suit or any other status clothes. At any moment you need to look so well, as it’s possible. The certificate of your success is a dress which makes unforgettable impression. Successful color scheme is all shades of red color.

Year of Bull

Key concepts of this year are a convenience and a comfort. Leading style is smart casual and casual glamour. Practical and easily processed materials, such as a clap, a nettle, a hemp, a bamboo, a soya are widely used. Try to avoid everything that looks too defiantly. Choose clothes in minimalistic style for special occasions.

Year of Tiger

Predatory prints in a year of Tiger are animalistic prints like a leopard and also like a tiger, a zebra and a giraffe. The fashion comes back to furs, to large ornaments. This is suitable time to make not ordinary acts, and also to show certain boldness in using of unusual clothes (the love to animalistic prints doesn’t matter!). If you were born in a year of Monkey, avoid leopard prints, because Tiger is your opposite sign.

Year of Rabbit

The soft and fluffy Rabbit understands well easy furs, natural silks, and also other fine materials. Sewing skill is highly appreciated. Qualitative processing also is important, every subject of clothes should look not worse from an outer side, than from a face sheet. The fashionable image of this year makes impression of unostentatious luxury. Wear the vintage clothes or in retro style, and also wear unique color stones by author’s work.

Year of Dragon

In a year of Dragon we prefer the large stuffings, the sated color scheme, an expressive make-up. The prints simulating a leather of exotic animals, for example, crocodile laether, are widely used. The massive footwear and motorcycle boots, rivets and punching on a leather are actual. In a year of Dragon jewelry of diamonds is welcomed. If you were born in a year of Dog, it is not recommended to use symbolical images of Dragon in clothes.

Year of Serpent

In a year of Serpent the triumph of exotic prints takes place, such as a leather of a serpent, a lizard and a slope proceeds. But, in general, fashion becomes more refined. The main characteristic of this year is elegance. The small black dress and pearl ornaments returns in a fashion. Follow an example of such icons of a style, as Audrey Hepburn, Greta Garbo and Angelina Jolie.

Year of Horse

You should not try too much to be in fashion. Sports style dictates their rules. A convenience and a comfort is everything, brands and labels — nothing! The clothes do not demand too much attention in this year. Designers create new collections for productive leisure. In a year of Horse new hi-tech materials appear which are applied for creative sports and for a casual attire.

Year of Goat

It is returning of luxury, refined dresses and an precious jewelry. In a year of Goat the desire to underline feminity, to wear dresses of a complicate construction raises. There are clothes in a style of belle époque, a lot of an opened woman body. This style of clothes underlines all seductive bends and cambers. Key subjects are feminine ancle boots with a lacing, and aristocratic handbags.

Year of Monkey

A time for business, an hour for fun… In a year of Monkey we give more time to entertainments, therefore the clothes for parties prevail. Natural fur, especially red and silver fox, a fur of exotic animals, and also unusual artificial fur gets popularity. Relief fabrics and a fringe are widely used.

Year of Cock

The main characteristic of a fashion is «sexuality on duty». All things are good for creation of an attractive image, such as the plastic jersey fitting a silhouette, contrast color combinations and pastes. Let’s supply the costume with additional hat in any kind and any color. It is a fashion which is shown often by Russian women, when they travel abroad. Try to avoid such shape and to use less aggressive kinds of self-expression.

Year of Dog

The basic style of this year is very simple, strict and simultaneously smart. The accent becomes on the classical styles which have been checked up by time. Military style, a safari, colonial style is widely used. A popularity of trousers in women clothes increases (though where even more!). Ornaments play a supporting role.

Year of Pig

The fashion of this year easily involves new admirers. It’s formula: «a comfort plus a luxury». Pay more attention to home clothes, clothes for the unchained rest, to «before-bed» clothes. Be wrapped in a cosy cashmere, in a fluffy mohair, wear clothes made from soft plastic fabrics with draperies and folds. Caftans, tunics, outer clothing with a disymmetric fastener (or without it) are actual.