In English, these terms are called Copypaste and Copyright. They are used to denote an elementary copy of a text or idea, often without copyright.

In fact, now the issue of copyright is very acute. In the digital age, when you can copy the original text with a couple of mouse clicks, an illusion of simplicity and permissiveness is created. Author’s thoughts smoothly flow to another domain or to another publication, and the offender remains unpunished. The law on copyright protection in different countries has its own nuances, but the general essence remains the same: the rights of the creator of the work are recognized as inviolable.

Copyright was first introduced on April 10, 1710 by Queen Anne Statute, which protected authors of books, maps, and drawings. The authorship was valid for 14 years, then it could be extended.

The copyright law of the Russian Federation was adopted on July 9, 1993. Copyright protection is regulated by articles 1252 and 1301 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation. In Art. 1255 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation states what rights belong to the author. Copyright — the totality of the rights of the author — copyright holder, enshrined in law and aimed at the use of the work, as well as the exercise and protection of personal non-property and property copyrights (article 1255 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation). In Art. 1301 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation refers to liability for violation of the exclusive right to a work. According to the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, exclusive copyright is valid after the death of the owner for another seventy years.

The website also includes several groups of protected intellectual property that are subject to legal protection: website design, content, name (domain name), computer programs or databases.

Using the content without specifying the author’s name or attributing authorship is recognized as a violation (plagiarism), and criminal liability is provided for the last of these violations.

Fashion Astrology did not immediately form in an independent direction. The first publications and developments appeared in 1996. In the process of developing this topic, I deliberately did not register a trademark or file a patent for the phrase «Fashion Astrology». After all, in this way I would have chopped off the root of the development of a new direction.

Sarah Bernhard once said: «I love quotes. I like to think that these same thoughts could come into my head».  We can rephrase this statement: «If these astrological ideas once came to my head, now they belong to all of humanity».

However, each of these articles has the name of the author — Veronica Tkachenko, and no one has canceled the copyright. Please keep this in mind in the case of Copypaste — Copyright.

Today we can only rejoice at how interesting my ideas were to the general reader. It’s worth typing the keywords «Fashion Astrology» into an Internet search engine, and you will see thousands of links to my materials, which are often used without copyright. The same thing happens with the Internet channel, where you can find the most diverse versions of the «fashion horoscope» and «style according to the Zodiac signs». Everyone tries to have a hand in this topic, interpreting this concept at their own level. One unscrupulous activist simply copied detailed topics from my site for practical exercises. Unfortunately, she could not figure out the rather complex concepts and components of an individual style according to the horoscope. In her simplicity of mind, it seemed that this information was enough to conduct her own webinars. And she did this until her illegal activities were stopped.

Moral purity and elementary decency are absolutely necessary conditions for development in the field of esotericism. However, even the current leaders of astrological schools sin by «borrowing» other people’s texts and ideas. Sometimes they call themselves invented high-profile titles to hide big and small violations. «Academician of the Intergalactic Council»  Sergei Shestopalov, in response to my claims, said that they had calculated horoscopes in another program, thereby giving themselves away, like a donkey’s ears give out.

«The Grand Doctor» of the St. Petersburg Academy of Astrology Olga Molchanova, in a report at an astrological conference, literally read out the pages from my book «Fashion and Beauty Astrology», published in 2006. And what can such a plagiarist teach his students? Only simple actions Copypaste – Copyright. Apparently, she liked the book so much that she decided to pass it off as her own. I am particularly pleased that Fake-Doctor ​​Olga Molchanova called my discoveries  as well-known, so as not to refer to the author: for example, periods of cardinal changes in fashion, analogies of the Jupiter cycle and Moon phases, the roles and functions of planets in fashion, the influence of planets on the formation of color scale, etc.

So, I have not worked in vain for almost thirty years. The grain thrown by me on prepared soil gave sprouts friendly. Interest in Fashion Astrology is constantly growing. Now we need to take care of the quality of the new shoots. And for this we need a professional approach and new specialists in this topic. For those astrologers who are seriously interested in the topic of fashion and style, I offer training in the my author course «Fashion Astrology. How to create an individual style»: the first, second and third level. You will find a detailed description on me web Send applications for training by e-mail:

In conclusion of this almost criminal investigation, I want to say that at all times there were people who invent new ideas, as well as those who use them. Plagiarism or theft remains on the conscience of those who committed it. And we will go further our own way and create many more new and original things.