We want it or not, but our predilections in clothes, in complete set of wardrobe, in a choice of accessories, are substantially defined by our Zodiac sign. Also appreciable influence at our individual style is rendered by Ascendant, Moon, Saturn or stellium of planets in a certain sign which are considered in an individual horoscope. We suggest to your attention fashion horoscope by the known fashion-astrologer Veronica Tkachenko.

ARIES. Women-Arieses from all Zodiac are the first, who pick up any fashionable idea, without having time to adapt it for the shape and character. Young Arieses are often allocated with the dresses from crowd, thanks to their individual style, perceiving street as a podium. It is not necessary to demand moderation in a question of a fashion from Aries. Venus is in falling in this sign that is expressed in extreme maximalism in color scheme or style choice. Representatives of these fiery elements choose clothes, first of all, by color. These are all shades red, beginning from pink to dark-claret and red-brown. Arieses do not love faded colors. If the Man-Aries is compelled to carry a strict suit, he will necessarily put on a tie of a shouting coloring or with unusual drawing.

Mobile character of Aries accepts free clothes. Cardinal quality of this sign reflects simple constructive lines of a suit without his breakdown on separate elements. It is often direct or A-silhouette, moderate volume. Sundresses-trapezes, tunicas, half-cleshed skirts, double-breasted jackets with a secret fastener are represented among subjects of female clothes such tendencies represent. Arieses do not miss possibility to show a harmonious figure. For example, Marilyn Monroe (Venus is in Aries sign in her individual horoscope) always bought a jumper for 2 sizes less than her size to underline her forms. The free clothes often happen are tightened by a belt or with the underlined waist.

Epaulets, free coquettes, unprofitable pockets, characteristic for the military form are typical details. Men-Aries wear a camouflage, a stripped vest, and sport trousers with pleasure in spare time. Aries logo is various headdresses (hats, caps, baseball caps, bandanas). The sports form of weight-lifters, hockey players, football players also concerns this sign.

TAURUS. Women-Tauruses select the clothes for a principle of a little, but the best quality. Representatives of this terrestrial sign perfectly feel the invoice, processing of a material and are able to beat all his advantages. Women-Tauruses are guided not by last fashion novelties, and that does get out of fashion never. It is individual style of a person with already generated taste. Men of this sign willingly listen to councils of close women or the selling assistant at clothes selection.

The fixed quality of a sign is expressed in acquisition of a suit from the basic traditional elements, for example, a classical suit with a skirt or trousers, a dress as an independent subject of clothes. Men-Taurus possesses good sense of style and they never put on expensive jacket with a shirt of the improper invoice or sports footwear to a classical suit. Clothes appointment is defined, first of all, by a material of which it is made. The casual attire can be sewed from a fabric linen, silk interlacing, wool, a flannel, target one is indispensable from a fabric with thin development of a crêpe, a velvet on shiffone, a fabric with a brilliant surface.

Tauruses choose simple styles, but with large expressive details: turn-down collars, unprofitable pockets, with application or an embroidery. In whole, their clothes look soundly, but a little heavy. Fine details such types as flounces, different laces for this Zodiac sign seem uninteresting. A firm subject of women clothes is velvet or a woollen jacket, and one for men is tweed or velvet jacket. In color scheme preference is the following: there are pink and blue, colors of Venus, and also any juicy colors for women, and dark green, dark brown for men.

Ornaments are massive, with simple form, made from jewels, if possible.

GEMINI. Geminis have the biggest wardrobe among air signs. Influence of mobile Mercury affects in frequent changes of mood for which the suitable clothes are necessary. The new suit allows Geminis to reincarnate, play other role for a while. Ideas of Geminis in a fashion horoscope are addressed teenagers, whose individual style feeling is only at formation level. The attention of Geminis to a fashion does not change with the years — it is all the same game for them. Geminis can look both effective, and careless depending on attention to the dress. They buy clothes casually and easily leave with them.

Fashion style of Geminis is neutral; it is a set of clothes in sports style, jeans, shirts, waistcoats, easy jackets. Not a color scheme or quality is important for this air sign, but his processing, ease, plasticity.

Mutable quality of a sign is shown in multi-layerness in clothes. Idea of this sign in a fashion represents suits «in college style», jackets-shirts, multilayered skirts with flounces, dresses in linen style with shoulder-straps-spaghettis, and also clothes for free time and playing sports. Men-Geminis choose democratic style such as jeans, shirts, a sweater, waistcoats, and easy jackets. A jacket-shirt can replace a classical jacket in official conditions. Shorts, knitted shirts with a fastener-polo are carried on rest with pleasure. Footwear is easy, leather with a lacing or made from textile materials.

Accessories of this Zodiac sign also are not striking: scarves, various coulombs, the chains having symbolical value.

CANCER. Cancers happen thin and fragile in their youth, therefore they unconsciously aspire to underline the defencelessness by fitting clothes. Cancers increase a «chitinous» cover in the form of a decent grease layer at mature age and are compelled to wear clothes of freer breed. The silhouette often reminds a cocoon (an oval silhouette) with the constructive lines approached to a body, with draperies and folds is a reflexion of water elements in an individual horoscope. Women-Cancers like to muffle up in the big scarfs and the shawls also reminding a cocoon. The clothes of Men-Cancers become more volume too at mature age, but do not make impression of courage and concentration.

The suit of this cardinal sign is made of basic elements, without contrasts and oppositions. Game of semitones is often used. As a whole, the soft lunar shape is created. There is the rounded line of a shoulder, lateral cuts, and a waist is not underlined, trousers on a belt are put in soft folds at jackets. In clothes of young men loans from ladies wear naive style such as gentle romantic colors, vests with flower stuffing, children’s drawings: with kitties and doggies are often used. Least Men-Cancers love sports style. Cleanliness and neatness in clothes is important for all Cancers, therefore they prefer clothes from natural materials which it is easy to look after.

Typical lines of this sign are reflected by Russian «saraphane» — with the underlined bodice (Cancer sign is projected on a breast) and a free skirt. The idea of the liberated bust here concerns. Clothes for the pregnant women, house clothes are under the badge of Cancer.

Young Cancers love gentle blue and pink tone, but they not always approach them. For Women-Cancers all shades of green, marsh, khaki, brown and black, to men — all shades green, marsh, khaki, brown and black are attractive. Cancers choose artificial flowers, and also pearls and nacre from ornaments.

LEO. Representatives of Leo are allocated by special talent in selection of the clothes. They are able to wear clothes, therefore the simple vest on Leo can look better, than a dress haute couture on somebody the friend. Leo is a unique sign which chooses clothes both on color, and under the invoice, and on quality. Also, as well as Aries, Leo love bright colors, but not shouting, and refined shades. Women-Leos choose yellow, orange, gold, and also combinations white with the purple. Men-Leos prefer the juicy, sated color scheme: dark blue, cherry, contrast combinations black and white. Leo always watch a fashion, but choose for their individual style only that is already approved by time and, certainly, make compliment for this sign. Perhaps, Leo could attribute Coco Chanel expression: «The fashionable is that I wear !». It is clothes of a classical style and simple breed more often, but various enough on style — in it the fixed quality of a sign is reflected.

The clothes created for theatrical performances, evening, elegant clothes concern with Leo sign. There is no place for economy of a material, the fabric is cut freely and generously, for example, sun-cleshed skirt in breed typical for Leo. Christian Dior’s collection «new look» in Leo style, created in 1947, in which on tailoring of one dress 20-30 m of a fabric left, is created.

Neck and breast lines are often underlined in individual style of Leo. Décolleté on a back is a fashionable detail from repertoire of women-lionesses. Formal suit, a jacket with the large rounded lapels and low cut is in a man’s variant on coming out. Leos show a special subtlety of taste by preparation for exit, for appointment. Women-Leos choose footwear of a classical style such as court shoes on a high heel, with furnish by pastes. Men prefer footwear with the furnish minimum quantity, closed, with a fastener on buckles, without lacings.

Women of this solar sign love qualitative gold ornaments and contemptuously look at cheap bijouterie. If Woman-Leo is limited in money, she will choose ornaments from inexpensive stones, amber or wood material.

VIRGO. Virgo concerns selection of the clothes very rationally. Virgo usually chooses the most practical models which suit for all occasions from all fashionable sentences. The mobile silhouette of small volume is formed under influence mutable qualities of a sign. The suit is made of many subjects of clothes. Virgos are born masters in art of a combination. Having small clothes, they can make ensemble which with small additions always looks in a new fashion.

As the terrestrial sign, Virgo pays attention to quality of processing of a material, his skilful furnish. They are capable to estimate all miracles of tailor’s art on advantage. At clothes often there is a set of details – folds, decorative lines and tailoring elements, various fasteners and pockets. Set of details of clothes such as buffes, wafer assemblages, a sleeve-gammon, frills and flounces are used in female dresses. The same details serve in working clothes for functionality increase. Men-Virgos have a big collection of jeans for the different purposes, overalls for car or housework repair, aprons to pockets for tools. Typical «virgo» subject of men’s clothes is a waistcoat of the photographer.

All working clothes: the special form of medical, scientific, museum workers, etc. concern a sign of Virgo.

Almost all rainbow colors suit to Virgo. Not striking grey, sand, brown shades, fabrics with small drawing are more often used for an everyday life. Virgo likes many small ornaments not necessarily expensive. Such subjects unite some functions, for example, coulombs-hours, rings-hours.

LIBRA. Representatives of Libra demonstrate us very good style. Venus, the manager of this sign, allocates with their special scent concerning color and the form. Extreme measures are not peculiar to Libra, their dress always makes harmonious impression. The people who were born under the badge of Libra, adhere to the «gold middle» in a fashion, they know when to stop in carrying as mini and maxi. Libra form the style in youth and keep fidelity to him for a long time. Small changes happen in their clothes from time to time, and new things again become favorite.

Women-Libra like very much to wear trousers — it shows the man’s nature of this sign. Ties, man’s hats, coats-redingotes in female clothes are also a gain of Libra sing. Their clothes should be enough free, but compounded in a waist, a semi-adjoining or H-shaped silhouette. The basic, traditional elements of a suit are used in the transformed kind — a cardinal quality of the sign is shown in it, such as, for example, a short bolero-jacket and a cleshed-skirt, a small black dress with infinite additions. Typical for Libra dandy style is a subtlety in everything, as though with little effort, but very much elaborately. Anyway, in individual style of Libra there are no unexpected combinations of colors and materials, and the clothes always correspond to the appointment.

Representatives of this sign are able to look attractive at the minimum expenses and to use accessories approaching on color and style, such as gentle scarfs, a handbag, a corbel, a hairpin in hair for women-scales, and a tie, a belt, a cachenes, gloves, hats for men. Such dress is supplemented with suitable aroma. Men-Libra is best able to carry a flower in a buttonhole and a kerchief in a breast pocket on an exist.

Libra choose refined colors: pastel, colors of jewels, subtle shades blue and pink. They are able to look attractive at the minimum expenses and to use accessories. Favorite ornaments of Libra are ones of a good delicate work, representing art value.

SCORPIO. A fashion is one of means how to underline the sexual appeal for many young Scorpios. The fashion which is chosen by Scorpios, has aggressive character, also as well as Mars, the manager of this Zodiac sign. Women-Scorpios love the fitting clothes underlining a figure, every possible inserts, cuts, a decollete. Men often use rather aggressive means, for example, leather trousers, a lacing on a codpiece, an unbuttoned shirt on a naked body.

Youth Scorpios choose fabrics from elastic fibers, jersey, knitted things. Those representatives of Scorpios, who are engaged in spiritual life, do not pursue a fashion. Their clothes are more conservative, and the style long remains in a fashion. Later, at mature age Scorpios begin is more critical to estimate itself and select to itself clothes so that from «defects to create effects». Representatives of this fixed sign gravitate to classical style. Their criterion of selection is especially complicate constructive lines, rich furnish, well executed details. The suit of Scorpio can look pompous and bulky, but never cheap. Scorpios love to use expressive accessories in individual style, such as embroidery gold and silver, laces, a braid, the arms and symbols.

Pluto influence in fashion horoscope is shown in ability in the unexpected image to beat old things, to use all their qualities in a new kind. An expression «New is well forgotten old» concerns to Scorpio’s manner to put on. Scorpios like to update old things and to use their qualities in a new kind, such as, for example, boiled jeans, shabby boots, a leather jacket with effect of artificial ageing. They choose natural materials, but with special processing.

The scrappy technics, weaving from fur concerns to a Scorpio sign. It as well sexual underwear, suits for a variety show.

Preferable materials are natural, but with development, a difficult interlacing. Their extravagance is shown in any effective ornament — from jewels or with especial, magic value.

SAGITTARIUS. A fashion is the phenomenon social, and Sagittariuses completely confirm this position. Jupiter, the manager of a sign, imposes certain obligations in individual style of it’s subordinates. To be fashionable simultaneously means to be accepted in a society, to show the success and a prosperity for many women-Sagittarius. That part of Sagittarius which aspires to a recognition by all means, gets clothes prestigious and known firm irrespective of, there is she him or not. People with the expressed Jupiter in their horoscope  were happy owners of furs caps and coats from sheepskin during Soviet period. In the same way the crimson jacket was indispensable attribute for the first of «new Russian». Other representatives of a sign on the Sagittarius do not watch at all a fashion and look enough careless. They do not aspire to prove the value fashionable clothes, and their energy leaves on development of new ideas, travel, and increase of the education. Such Sagittariuses long wear the same clothes and cannot leave a thing which once was extremely fashionable. It is clear, after all worthy thing costs rather expensively.

The clothes of great volume are typical for Sagittariuses: the A-silhouette, free capes, sving-jackets, knitted cardigans, jackets with a double-breasted fastener, large details and expressive furnish, collars a la Maria Stewart. Mutable nature of the sign shows itself in it. It is necessary to note a special negligent manner of carrying: a raincoat thrown shoulders, a coat with beaver collar wide open. The materials reflecting influence of Jupiter in fashion horoscope are velvet, velour, plush, brocade, fur with long pile, large brilliant buttons, pastes. Club style such as a dark blue double-breasted jacket with gold buttons and white trousers is typical for this sign.

The national clothes, clothes of cult and religious attendants concern a sign on the Sagittarius also.

Dark sated colors such as crimson, claret and violet suit to men and women of this sign.

CAPRICORN. Capricorns perceive a fashion conservatively enough. They choose that is known for a long time already, crystallised under influence of Saturn from fashionable sentences. For Capricorn as for a terrestrial sign, the structure is important in all: in a suit silhouette, in breed, in a fabric. Shine and a sparkling of furnish is a vulgarity sign for Capricorn, therefore there is nothing superfluous in their clothes. It is possible to name their style is reserved-natural. Possibly, Capricorns are authors of Puritan style in a fashion.

Favorite silhouette is a pencil or a straight line of small volume. Representatives of this cardinal sign choose clothes which are not split up by cut lines, such as one-piece dress-case, a dress-suit, a skirt-school bag, the closed double-breasted suits. Length about a knee is favorite for Capricorns (knees are a projection of Capricorn sign). Traditional clothes for women are a business suit with a skirt, for men is a classical three (trousers, a jacket, a waistcoat with a high fastener).

Constructive lines are emphasized in a suit, various invoices are combined. Favorite fabrics are dry, rigid to the touch, which hold the form well. Women-Capricorns love a lace of manual weaving, an embroidery, openwork knitting.

The school uniform, clothes of teachers and teachers develops under the badge of the Capricorn. The underwear concerns a sign on the Capricorn also — after all it defines how the outer clothing will look.

Color scheme is not defining in a choice. Often Capricorns put on in dark colors such as dark grey, black or shades dark blue. Capricorns seldom carry ornaments if put on them, usually ancient things or got to them by right of succession.

AQUARIUS. Aquarius is involved with all bright and unusual, including, and in a fashion. Both women, and men, are guided by internal prompting in a choice of clothes Aquarius. Clothes are one more possibility of display of the individuality for people of this sign. Style of Aquarius cannot apply for display of good taste. Many things also depend at Uranus aspects in individual horoscope. In general, it is possible to divide all Aquarius into 2 types. One Aquarius occupied with creative activity or conducting a free way of life, goes in avant-guard of a fashion. They are inclined to shocking and the causing dress, choose extremely bright in clothes, shouting colors. A girl, most likely, to be also Aquarius, if you meet her in a skirt with inconceivable cuts or absolutely transparent blouse in the street.

Aquarius-intellectuals on following a fashion do not have enough time. They do not aspire to be allocated with clothes, but deal with unusual problems. They are involved with new sentences of classical style and clothes from non-polluting materials. They often carry simple a sweater, trousers, the jackets almost identical to representatives of both sexes. In individual style Aquariuses prefer quiet color scheme such as silver-grey, bluish, nacreous. Despite such distinctions in the relation to a fashion, representatives of this fixed sign remain adherents of the style and do not pass from one group in another.

Women-Aquariuses like to decorate the feet, especially area of anklebones, with stockings with small prints above an ankle (favorite model of Princess Diana), openwork socks, boots on a lacing, shoes with high thongs, tatoo at area of anklebones. Men-Aquariuses give a lot of attention to socks; they choose the seamless extended variants of type golf or with an unusual pattern.

Ornaments which are carried by Aquarius, should reflect any idea. It can be and small knickknacks-something ephemeral which are simply used on mood.

The clothes concern a sign on Aquarius for cosmonauts, a uniform of working groups and collectives.

PISCES. The internal, latent motives, instead of external lines of actions are important in behaviour of the people who were born under the badge of Pisces. As well fashion which is chosen by Pisces, is various and imperceptible for the exact description. Here it is available mutable characteristics of this water sign. Only few Pisces, who are in harmony with by itself and successfully reach self-realisation, can easily accept fashion novelties. Usually representatives of this sign adapt to a fashion the last. In an everyday life Pisces often go in the shabbiest kind if only it was warm and convenient. They buy at once some identical subjects to carry them longer. Influence of Neptune in fashion horoscope for Fishes is shown in fluidity of forms and in asymmetric lines of a cut. In general, individual style of Pisces can be defined as is refined-womanly and romantic.

As well as other water signs, Pisces love adjoining clothes, but the most fitting in all Zodiac. The impression is made that small Pisces have simply grown from her. Women-Pisces are involved with the brilliant, poured fabrics changing shades depending on illumination, soft silk, jersey, elastic materials. A typical subject of clothes are a sweater-golf and a long streaming skirt.

Pisces sign is projected at area of ankles and a foot, hence, length of clothes, actual for this sign — to a floor. Women-Pisces wear the longest skirts in all Zodiac. Tendencies of Pisces sign are reflected in clothes for sleeping and hours of a solitude: pajamas, dressing gowns, night shirts. There are loans from a woman fashion in elegant men’s wear, for example, silk shirts with flounces, the silk draped belt. Pisces hardly accept any restrictions in an everyday life and most of all do not love a uniform or jackets with rigid lapels and a deaf fastener.

Pisces prefer dark color scheme: washed tones of dark blue, light blue, violet, and also pink and green. They accept from ornaments corals, the nacre, all transparent stones poured on color.

The first version of this article, entitled «Fashion 1997 – for every taste» was published in the newspaper «Astrolog» (No. 12, 1996). Then a new, supplemented version appeared (Fashion Studio «Zodiac»), which was published in the newspaper «Astrolog» (No. 1, 1999). Today, the term «fashion horoscope» has firmly entered our lives.