How to solve the eternal dilemma: what to wear in the morning, despite the fact that clothes could not be put in the closet? Probably every woman faced with this problem. You may be surprised, but the impetus for writing this article was met with Alena Doletskaya at the presentation of the book «Morning. 50 breakfasts». Alena, who has ceased to be an adept of glamour, talked about how to make delicious, beautiful, savory dishes that create a mood for the whole day. Food and clothing… What they have in common? From the astrological point of view, the one and the other theme are ruled by the Moon. Why today we want a gentle, sweet, enveloping food, and tomorrow a dense and spicy? Why today we feel confident in sport style clothes, but tomorrow we want to femininity and comfort? Because as we are affected by the Moon

The Moon is the satellite and the significator of our inner life. Period of the Moon rotation around its axis is equal to its period of rotation around the Earth. It is 27.32 Earth days (sidereal month). Therefore, the Moon always faces the Earth only one of its sides. Full Moon and new Moon repeats at 29.5 Earth days (synodic month). It was during this period the Moon returns to its position relative to Sun. Women’s monthly cycles, the cycles of physical, emotional and intellectual activity are also related to the influence of this heavenly body. Every day 2-2.5 the Moon enters a new Zodiac sign, creating a colorful kaleidoscope of diverse feelings and desires. For example, The Moon in fire signs promotes vibrant, active exchange of energy, open expression of our emotions. During this period, intense colors, loose-fitting clothing, which attracts the attention of the opposite sex, well accepted. The Moon in signs of the water element contributes to a significant restraint in communication, but the clothes, like a cocoon, wrap the body and protect it from external factors.

Unlike other aspects of the planets, the Moon has fleeting aspects. They do not have a major impact on the future course of events. But our life is made up of little things. And the harmonious inner state at any given time is the best criterion of the quality of life. The Moon is responsible for the fine-tuning of our body’s energy on the day. If the Moon in the individual horoscope is strong, then it is easier for women to understand her needs, to find her own  individual style. If the Moon is weak, then the adjustment reactions occur less successfully. When the energy of the Moon does not find its adequate expression, it accumulates in the nerve endings associated with a particular organ or part of the body. This is a shortcut to the disease caused by the violation of the circulation of internal energy. Therefore, the creation of a harmonious image is the problem of cosmic proportions! And no one can stop us!

So, what to look for when choosing clothes? Of course, first of all, pay attention to the weather, the situation, the occupation. These rules have not been canceled. Also, make it a habit every month, at New Moon, review your wardrobe and leave in it only those things that suit you in size, consistent fashion trends and, of course, decorate you. Then there will be plenty to choose from.

How to choose the right set for the next day? Take a look at the tear-off calendar. Your reliable astrological guide will be position of the Moon in Zodiac signs.

There are twelve Zodiac signs. This means that we need to have at least 12 different sets of clothes for every season. With the help of different accessories you can diversify your image and avoid repetition.

And now a few brief guidelines for choosing the dress according to the position of the Moon in Zodiac signs by fashion-astrologer Veronica Tkachenko.

Moon in Aries

Color: red. Loose clothing in sporty style. Welcome hats, metal jewelry.

Moon in Taurus

Earth colors, green, blue. High-quality clothing made from natural fabrics. Costumes with skirts, trousers.

Moon in Gemini

Color scheme: sky blue. Universal unisex kits, blouses, shirts, pants, overalls. Accessories make the mood.

Moon in Cancer

Color scheme: lemon, turquoise, emerald green. Soft touch clothing. Children, naive style. The contrast of delicate and dense tissue. Small tops and volume outerwear.

Moon in Leo

Color scheme: yellow, purple. Simple, sleek cut of the garment. The emphasis on the bust area. At least, one bright, catchy decorative element required.

Moon in Virgo

All the colors of the rainbow. High quality clothes with good sartorial finish. Shirt-dresses, feminine blouses. The clasp on the small buttons.

Moon in Libra

Color scheme: blue, pink. Clothing with emphasized waist. Belts, girdles. Embroidery, applique, the decorations in the shape of flowers.

Moon in Scorpio

The color scheme is dark, rich. Dark blue, bottle, purple. Leather, velvet. Complicated design clothing with elements of seduction. The effect of aging, second-hand.

Moon in Sagittarius

Color scheme: claret and purple. Clothes in traveler style, breeches suits, jackets, capes, ponchos. Shoes with the steady heel.

Moon in Capricorn

Color scheme: dark blue, plumbeous, black. Clothing in strict business style. Shift dress. Vintage things. Laces, lacing. Shoes with high heels.

Moon in Aquarius

Color scheme: silver gray, pearl, and poisonous acid tones. Fantasy style. Synthetic materials. The emphasis on area of ankles. Ankle boots, socks, colored tights.

Moon in Pisces

Color scheme: purple, lilac. Tight clothing. Maxi length. Cloaks, anoraks. Focus on shoes and the feet.

In fairness it must be noted that the problem of clothing choice appears with different frequency. Every month we have new guidelines to create an attractive image that sets us Venus in its transit traffic through Zodiac. With the start of the new season we will gladly rush to the shops in search of new things with the new color scheme and attractive design lines. This is a manifestation of the influence of the cardinal Zodiac signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) which mark the beginning of a new season and encourage us to upgrade. On the eve of the birthday, we also reconsider our wardrobe and select new combinations of things. These are annual, or solar cycles.

Nothing to wear again? Most legitimate inquiry will be if we hear this from a woman if transiting Jupiter is in her Zodiac sign (or in the first astrological House). This is one time in 12 years. In this case, your desire to fully update your wardrobe is not a whim but a necessary condition for prosperity. Jupiter, the planet of great happiness, opens up a whole new perspective and lays the cycle duration of 12 years. So purchase valuables, seek the advice of an astrologer, a stylist and makeup artist. All pay off. Pursuing your looks and the realization of your personal needs, you strengthen your I solar House. As we know, the astrological Houses in pairs involved in solving the problem. So VII House, the scope of partnerships, interaction with society, is activated simultaneously. Thus, the possibility to establish relationships with your spouse, to breathe romance in a love relationship or meet her man increases.

Good starts from small. Note the lunar rhythms, and then the problem of «nothing to wear again» will be just a sign of female coquetry. And how without it?