How to understand, where will result us the next coil of a fashion? There is an interesting statement apropos always changing fashion: the fashion is ridiculous in 3 years after a maximum of the popularity, it is absurd in 6 years, it is interesting in 9 (10), and it causes again respect and admiration through n-th quantity of years. The most interesting that this rule deduced by an empirical way, well keeps within frameworks of Fashion Astrology and planets cycles.

Let’s put down to the place of these periods stages of movement of Jupiter on the Zodiac. The picture will find clearness and strict completeness now. So, the first aversion of the become obsolete fashion idea occurs on passage of the first quarter of a cycle of Jupiter (12 : 4 = 3 years). In 3 years we should reconsider the clothes, and we will find out that the sharpest, bright models have already become obsolete, it’ll be better to clean them far away.

The following moment of change in clothes is critical. Jupiter passes half of all cycle in 6 years and it becomes in opposition to the initial position. It is impossible to manage half measures at this stage already. We should shake up thoroughly all clothes now and to change all basic components for acquisition, to pass from narrow breed to wide, from long to short, from contrast color scheme to constrained, from motley fabrics to monophonic etc.

A phase of last quarter, by analogy to the Moon phases, comes after opposition. We can here, leaning against recently transformed clothes, to make to him new additions and again to correspond to recent fashion trends.

Thus, 3, 6 and 9 years are the critical periods for existence of new idea, including, and in a fashion. But there is no full cardinal tearing away of all previous in 12 years. Jupiter comes back to the place for this period and a new cycle begins, at other level. Hence, we can imagine an image of a modern fashion at any time, like that which existed 12 years ago, but already on a new coil of a spiral with respective alterations and additions.

The basic preferences in color scheme, constructive lines and combination of clothes annually change depending on Zodiac sign in which there is transit Jupiter. The sign nature (of man or female) in this case, his elements and quality is considered in fashion horoscope. So, Jupiter in fiery signs brings bright colors, clothes of an integral cut, a direct or free silhouette in a fashion. The planet of social activity in terrestrial signs focuses attention on the invoice of used materials, ways of their processing, validity and good quality here is appreciated. Transit Jupiter in air signs allocates us with the bigger possibilities in color and form use, clothes silhouette — easy and mobile. Jupiter, being in water signs, gives the chance to choose clothes depending on mood and concrete application. The key shapes traces figure lines, volume — moderated, more often the fitting.

Similarly quality of a sign, in which there is transit Jupiter, influences clothes selection. If it is a cardinal sign the clothes can be made of a small amount of the basic items: a coat, a jacket, a suit, and also their derivatives: a coat-suit, a dress-suit. The fashionable shape is reached at the expense of a combination of clothes from basic elements and various additions under the influence of Jupiter in the fixed sign. The mutable sign accents suit details. Separate components of a suit: skirts, trousers, jackets, waistcoats  are used as independent elements during this period. Thereby, our possibilities for individual style creation significantly increase. One stylish thing can «extend» all the others. The most extensive clothes are made in a period of finding of Jupiter in a mutable sign. The full cycle of Jupiter makes to 12 years, one year in each Zodiac sign. Jupiter replaces signs on various elements in the movement, and each of them brings the contribution to creation of an image of a new fashion.

On the basis of the aforesaid we can to draw the next conclusion in Fashion Astrology which has practical value.

The fashion develops on a spiral which each coil is described by a 12-year-old cycle of Jupiter. The image of the future fashion is similar to a fashion of 12-year-old prescription, but with respective alterations and additions.

With such astrological key you can learn many secrets of a fashion and to find inspiration for creation of new masterpieces.