Fashion designers use their own tools in a new fashion creation: sketches, constructive lines, fabrics, accessories. Fashion astrologers have their own language: language of astrological symbols, planets and Zodiac signs.

Let’s begin with the slowest planet — Pluto. Pluto energy joins in our theme when the public consciousness is ready to acceptance of new fashionable idea. In fashion horoscope Pluto defines new ways of processing of fabrics and use of all properties of applied materials. Pluto monastery is Scorpio, magic and sexual sign. Therefore the second important function of the Pluto is reflexion of socially comprehensible stereotype of sexuality. Passage of a transit Pluto through Zodiac specifies in means by which this sexuality is reached.

Neptune forms representation about a fashionable image, enriching imagination and increasing brightness of imagination. Neptune influence forms a new type of the ideal woman which fashion designers aspire to embody in the collections. Appreciably Neptune influences perception of aromas. It is possible also to track evolution in the world of spirits and aromas, changes in their composition at passage of Neptune on signs.

However, the main heavenly fashion designer is Uranus. Passing on the Zodiac, it breaks existing installations and offers absolutely new decisions. Uranus is a perpetuum mobile which does process of fashion trends formation infinitive.

So, slow planets prepare our consciousness for perception of an actual image of a fashion. More particularly it is created by near planets. We will talk about them separately.

Saturn is main among the planets which are responsible for appearance of fashionable clothes. A keyword of Saturn is structure. Under the influence of strong Saturn in a fashion horoscope the suit with accurately designated structure, with laconic elements of a cut, in which not anything superfluous is formed. Symbolism of Saturn also embodies corset products — they define, how the outer clothing will look. Elements of Saturn in clothes are rigid turn-down collars, lapels, under coat hangers, the secret fastener, the underlined constructive lines. The minimum quantity of details is beaten by contrast furnish, an edging, a band. Saturn type ornaments are an embroidery underlining structure like a lace etc. Materials well holding the form, rigid fabrics or with development, crepe the interlacings reaped etc. are widely used for such style.

Jupiter is responsible for social adaptation of fashionable idea. New style becomes fashionable when he is accepted by the people possessing prosperity and influencing formation of public opinion. By means of clothes, the idea of Jupiter about an accessory to a certain social stratum is embodied. Jupiter symbolizes «the big blessing», «large achievements», this is expressed in a free silhouette of clothes, in the spacious form, a generous cut. Such fashion tendencies are reflected in various capes, breed of a kimono, in use of draperies and smells, breed of a sleeve of type a small lamp, a gammon. Separate elements urged to strengthen efficiency of clothes by large buttons, a fringe, brushes, fur, laces, and arms. Periodically transits of Jupiter cause revival of this or that tradition of an ethnic suit in modern clothes. Strong Jupiter is often occurred in individual horoscopes of known fashion designers. It is necessary for that special scent which allows expecting fashion changes.

Influence of Mars on formation of a fashionable suit is shown particularly enough. His keyword is action. If Mars has strong position in a horoscope, which is calculated for the moment of birth of a fashionable idea,  sports style or a style with the tightened, accurate key silhouette becomes top-revail. Movement freedom is reached thanks to elements of Mars, such as various cuts, inserts from the facilitated fabric. everything is used in breed that is convenient, but is not necessarily effective — a sleeve a raglan (his author is the general Raglan), T-shaped breed. Martian character reflects on military elements in clothes: epaulets, coquettes, a coat-overcoat and a redingote.

Меrcury is the fast planet, is responsible for contacts. In our horoscope of fashion  Mercury connects clothes details in our case. Various fasteners on buttons, buttons, lightnings, a flypaper come to a fashion because of his influence. The fastener can be accented or hidden — with double breast, a polo fastener. Strong influence of Mercury in a fashion horoscope is shown in set of fine details, it is a lot of furnish — specific tailoring technics, wafer assemblages. The most typical «mercurian» clothes are a military shirt with pockets, valves and epaulets.

Venus, as well as it is necessary to a planet of beauty, it urged to bring ornaments in already ready suit. Movement of Venus on Zodiac signs forms representation about new fashionable accessories. These are various scarfs, shawls, headdresses, bags, umbrellas, gloves, accessories (buckles, belts, buttons), ornaments (application, an embroidery, artificial flowers, hairpins for hair, bows), etc. Under the influence of Venus a fashion on ornaments changes. From time to time products enter into a fashion from natural stones and precious metals, or again the costume jewelry and ornaments from natural materials becomes more actual.

We can draw our first conclusion in fashion astrology on the basis of told: slow planets influence perception of a fashion, creating the sketch of the future fashionable suit. Near planets are responsible for a concrete embodiment of this idea taking into account structure, details and color.

For the first time this article was published under the title «Planetary Image of Fashion» in the newspaper «Astrologer» (No. 2, 1999) and then in Veroniсa Tkachenko’s book «Astrology of Fashion and Beauty» (RIPOL-CLASSIC, 2006).