Myths about Pluto embody the holy terror that caused this deity.

«Invisible», «Disastrous», «Rich» … In Greek mythology, the god is the lord of the realm of the dead, ruler of the myriad of human souls, and the hidden treasures in the world, among them: a magic helmet that makes him invisible. Pluto is the son of Kronos and Rhea, brother of Zeus and Poseidon, Olympic deity which resides in their underground realm. He did not bring the victims, had no offspring. Even his wife, he got illegally. All these characteristics are used in the treatment of the impact of the planet Pluto. It is terrifying their inevitability. All mortal beings early or later fall under his power.

How Pluto is called? Imperious, destructive urges inexorable, invisible, underground, incomprehensible, carrying death inevitable.

Figurative Associations: a volcanic eruption, transformation, rebirth, revival, regeneration, elimination, impersonal power, demonic, fury and fanaticism, the depth, the dissolution, the ability to control the crowd.

Color: black, red and black, fluorescent saturated shades.

Mastering energy of Pluto is hardest, but the most gratifying task. To be strong is never superfluous!

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