Slow planets in their movement through the Zodiac form macro trends, and social planets form micro trends. They describe not only the development of fashion, but also the key processes in the development of society as a whole. In practice, it is of great value for us to identify the following trends with a clearly defined validity period: 7 years (macro trend under the influence of Uranus in one  Zodiac sign), 2.5 years (micro trend under the influence of Saturn in one Zodiac sign) and 1 year (micro trend under the influence of Jupiter in one Zodiac sign). Let’s consider them in more detail.

Macro trend influenced by Uranus in Taurus (2018-2025)

A fundamentally new influence was born in May 2018, when Uranus, the planet of revolutionary transformations, moved from the fiery, selfish Aries sign to the earthly, material Taurus  sign. At the same time, the era of personal customization (2011-2018) has ended and the trend towards the quality of consumption has declared itself. This is a decrease in impulsivity, «sports interest» when getting acquainted with a new product and an increase in the emotional component, the inclusion of all senses when choosing a product. The slogan of this period is «Less is better», expectation of long-term use, focus on quality, without regard to prestige and well-known brands. These common features will continue for the next 7 years (Uranus in Taurus from 2018 to 2025).

Taurus is a sign of resources and accumulation, and the modern economy is based on oil and gas. Therefore, innovations in the field of resource extraction and the emergence of new sources of food for industry and the population are possible. The changes will affect the technical and manufacturing industries based on the theme of beauty, decoration, convenience and comfort, clothing and cooking.

The share of confectionery, bakery products and sweets will increase in food consumption. In product packaging, color, shape and eco-friendly packaging, portion packaging will play an important role.

The new aesthetics from Uranus in Taurus will lead to an ennobling appearance of the products. They will have more roundness and streamlining.

Taurus is a natural, sensual sign. Therefore, even aroma marketing will have its favorites, which will generate income when used in retail outlets. Aromas of the Taurus sign: light fruity, spicy and herbaceous aromas. Marketers should take on board the aroma of ripe peach and red berries, as well as jasmine, magnolia, palmarosa, fennel, marjoram, verbena, hyssop, rose hips or their synthetic counterparts.

Taurus is also a human body, natural and beautiful in its manifestation. The trend for normal, feminine forms, including on the catwalk, will receive its fullest development in the period 2019-2025.

Together with the theme of the body, all wearable electronics that are «closer to the body» will successfully develop. In the new generation of devices, there will be less brutality, more roundness and tactile appeal. Products for kinesthetics: an important separate trend!

In the previous seven-year period of Uranus in Aries (2011-2018), more attention was paid to objects, accessories and jewelry in the head area: this is the projection of Aries sign on the human body. Uranus in Taurus (2018-2025) emphasizes the projection on the human body: the neck area. It is this zone that will be the area of ​​maximum attention for clothing and jewelry designers. This will undoubtedly be reflected in the fashion industry.

If we look a little further into the future, we can say that after 2020, the population will spontaneously reach out to live outside the metropolis. And settlements will be created according to the type of communities of like-minded people. And then a new wave of interest in the city of the future is possible – Auroville, a modern utopia on the shores of the Indian Ocean. New associations will appear with a very clear ideology based on love for nature. This trend will manifest itself as much as possible at the beginning of 2023, but this is a topic for a separate discussion.

Macro trend influenced by Neptune in Pisces (2011-2025)

The next long-term trend is blurring the lines between reality and fantasy. Astrological data of his birth: Neptune, the planet of secrets and illusions, has been in its abode, in Pisces for 14 years (from 2011 to 2025). This trend is inextricably linked with the level of scientific and technological progress (in astrology, this is the influence of the planet Uranus). Therefore, augmented reality devices, which change qualitatively every year, will be involved here. Other methods of expanding consciousness will be used more often, from collective meditation to the use of psychotropic drugs. The legalization of a light drug – marijuana – will continue in a number of countries.

Micro trend influenced by Saturn in Capricorn (2017-2020)

A trend lasting only 2.5 years: increasing the authority of the older generation. In terms of astrology, this is how Saturn, the planet of time, age and limitations, manifests itself in a strong position – in Capricorn (from December 2017 to December 2020). Many believe that this trend will continue for a long time, but it is not. Astrological methods allow you to make an accurate prediction, calculate the beginning and end of the life of each of the trends.

There is an opinion that the trend is gaining strength: a calm attitude towards the passage of time. I strongly disagree with this statement. Perhaps it is confused with another trend: «slow lifestyle, slow fashion, slow food, enjoying every moment», which originates from Uranus in Taurus (recall that its life span is 7 years). Saturn is the planet-guardian of time, and the lessons of Saturn (and not only for astrologers, but in general for all inhabitants of the planet Earth) are respect for time. It cannot be bought, sold or exchanged. Therefore, a clear use of the concept of time will be an important feature for future products. Products with an emphatically short (but not long) shelf life, recycling of used products, new life for old things.

Saturn in Capricorn (since December 2017) started the trend of minimalism. In Russia, it is still not widespread. This trend will not become fundamental in the coming years. Here the influence of Uranus in Taurus: high demands on the quality of life, on the emotional component and concern for the environment will «tug the rope» to their side. And then extreme minimalism will be replaced by high demands on technological innovations and means of communication. This is a moment of radical change in tastes in society, including in fashion, which I foresee for 2024. From the point of view of astrology, this is the intersection of the cycles of Uranus (84 years) and Jupiter (12 years) in the earth sign of Taurus.

Micro trend influenced by Saturn in Aquarius (2020-2023)

Saturn in Aquarius (2020-2023) sets new standards for social behavior. In this sign, Saturn is ruled by Uranus and manifests its qualities without any restrictions. It blurs the boundaries between social strata and structures. This will allow many people to get rid of stereotypes in choosing a lifestyle, their partner, favorite pastime, forget about age restrictions, etc. However, the first entry of Saturn into Aquarius may shake the gains of the previous period. The energies of Aquarius give way to the young. It is unlikely that in the new scenario, older people will be able to count on a special, privileged position, which was indicated during the period of Saturn in Capricorn. In order not to fall out of the cage, they will have to pull themselves up to an active information and energy exchange, not justifying themselves with age and sores. Youth associations, artels and cooperatives are again becoming popular in society. There is a new trend lasting 2.5 years: «Youth, freedom, individuality». Marketers, designers and constructors will take on board such simple human weaknesses as «I’m still Yoo-hoo», «I can give odds to the young», etc. Participation, involvement in a common cause become driving motives for representatives of all generations, young and old. And such an idea has already appeared – this is a general struggle for the environment, for the preservation of our planet. The problem of environmental pollution with human waste is growing exponentially. Recently, plastic waste pollution has been the most discussed. Do you still buy plastic bags from the store instead of cloth bags? This is unforgivable in relation to wildlife. Microtrend «The Ecological Movement» is a good sign of the present time.

Another facet of Saturn in Aquarius is the desire for innovation and invention. I called this trend «Retrofuturism». The nature of Saturn contributes to the preservation and revival of the best examples of technical achievements, but already on a new turn of the spiral. This is actually a reference to the patterns of fashion development, which I have been studying for several decades. The return to fashion of retro forms of familiar household appliances will be a good support for the older generation. Advertising campaigns and colorful booklets will be addressed to them. One problem – this «new old» technique will no longer serve as long as the old one. But that’s the whole point.

Micro trends influenced by Jupiter in Sagittarius (2019) and Capricorn (2020)

Jupiter in its annual movement through the Zodiac forms short-term trends. Under its influence, an ideal image of the consumption model is formed in that area (in Zodiac sign), which Jupiter honored with its presence. In 2019, Jupiter was in its home – in Sagittarius – and contributed to the real flowering of tourism, travel, education, publishing, lawmaking.  Jupiter in Capricorn is in its fall and manifests itself in a completely different way. The boundless horizons of Jupiter rest against the rigid boundaries of Saturn. The Jupiterian tendency to expand and expand is turning into a purposeful forward movement. Opportunities for social growth are greatly reduced, but every small step brings us closer to the goal. The ambition of young employees will noticeably decrease, many will be ready to take a non-prestigious position, subject to a distant prospect of promotion. That’s why in 2020, a social trend is being formed for gradual development, for slow career advancement: «You go slower, you go further».

Outward brilliance and ostentatious luxury, characteristics of Jupiter in Sagittarius, will now be replaced by restraint and modesty. Demonstrating your wealth during such a period becomes almost indecent. The same applies to the choice of clothing, which should not scream about the financial solvency of its owner. Moderation and closeness, a complete rejection of seductive clothes became the characteristics of a new trend in fashion: decent fashion (Modest Fashion). Fashion analysts associate the emergence of this trend with the total spread of Islam. However, astrologers know that it is not about religion, but about planetary influences.

Jupiter in Capricorn, along with Saturn in Aquarius, creates a nostalgic attitude towards classic things and styles in people. This will immediately be adopted by marketers, who will vying to offer «quality for those who understand», «love seriously and for a long time», «revival of old traditions». It is becoming fashionable again to take care of things and pass them on to the next generation. I called this trend «Course on traditions and continuity of generations».

As you can see, my love for Fashion Astrology takes precedence over the prediction of social and economic phenomena. The analysis of social trends is important in the sense that the subject of its study is the person himself and his values ​​in a changing world. And this allows me to make accurate fashion trend forecasts. Answering the question of where he aspires to, what he believes in, what he supports, and what the modern consumer denies, one can get correlations with the choice in clothing, interior, etc. Of course, there is a difference between so-called reflex behavior: when the buyer chooses a clear, familiar product, and emotional consumption: that the consumer is usually willing to pay more for. Fashion Astrology allows you to consider both.

Summing up all of the above, Saturn in our topic forms a long-term reflex, and Jupiter – new emotional patterns and new models for inspiration. And we should analyze our own behavior so as not to be led by the puppeteers.

An article by Veronica Tkachenko titled «Key social and fashion trends 2020-2025» was published in PROfashion magazine (2019, No. 12). This development also formed the basis of the report by Veronica Tkachenko at the International Astrological Congress Online Second Edition (Congreso Internacional de Astrologia online), 2020.