Let’s try to get acquainted with the «horned devil», as it is sometimes called Mercury.

According to mythology, Hermes is the son of Zeus, god of thunder, and the mountain nymph Maia. In ancient Rome it was called Mercury. He invariably appeared on the ways of life and death, seeing people in the realm of the dead, he closing his eyelids before going to bed and waking up to a new day. On his feet winged golden sandals in hands magic wand. Easy, quick, resourceful, he is able to change its appearance, and there are no doors that are closed to him. And the people and the gods became the victims of his pranks. Right out of the cradle, he rushed into the valley where his herd pass the god Apollo, and took his 15 cows. Skillfully concealing the traces of their crimes and hid in a cave of cows, Hermes returned to his cradle. Still angry Apollo sought Hermes and led on the court to Zeus. He told the cows back to the owner. Driving out the cows out of the cave, Apollo heard the music of ineffable beauty. This Hermes played the lyre made of tortoise shell. Apollo so captivated by this simple tool, as a result of Hermes gave him all his cows.

Hermes invented not only the lyre. He was assigned to one of the most important functions: a mediator between God and men. Is it possible to classify the way in which the ultimate truth penetrates into the heart of man? Yes, you can. Hermes taught the people and numeracy, art persuasive speech. To him we owe the ability to think, to analyze their own actions, to communicate among themselves and reach the heights of craftsmanship. One of the oldest features of this planet was to guard the roads. Therefore, at the entrance to the house, Hermas placed at the crossroads: stone pillars carved with the head of Hermes, which served as road signs. The same columns in ancient times and places mentioned burials.

So what is it: the image of Mercury? Quick, agile, lively, fickle, like mercury, sexless, fussy, dry, analytic, clever, curious, playful, articulate, well-read, intelligent, witty, versatile. The list goes on, because Mercury reflects everything around him and is constantly changing.

Figurative Associations: travel, travel, tours, travel, mediation, News, facial expressions, gestures, encyclopedic, business abilities.

Color: changeable, colorful, mirror.

What traits of Mercury do you find in your character?

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