The Moon, our night light, has always been shrouded in myths and legends.

Dressed in a silver dress, it appears in the sky in a chariot drawn by the mighty bulls, slowly traverses the firmament, and then descends into the cool secluded grotto. There soundly sleeping her lover, a beautiful youth Endymion. They quietly whispering words of love, but sleeping prince can not hear her. She leaves him in great grief to the next night to return.

Goddess of the Moon (Selena) in ancient Greece was identified with Artemis, in ancient Rome with Diana. The Greek tradition gives the Moon features of Hecate, goddess of the ominous darkness of night and magic. Over the Moon secured a variety of functions, but above all, it was Curatrix foundations embedded Jupiter (Zeus). He brutally and ruthlessly punishes every violation, requiring instead the harsh atoning sacrifice.

The Greek Artemis the Huntress, twin sister of the god Apollo, was Virgin and defender of chastity. She had a strong and aggressive character. They keep order in the flora and fauna surrounding the care of all life on Earth. It was believed that she helps women in labor, brings quick and easy death, gives happiness in marriage, heals the disease. The Roman goddess Diana was the patroness of the lower classes. Its first church was built on a hill in Rome, populated by poor men.

Night, mysterious, wet, cold, fertile, mystical, emotional, dreamy, instinctive, religious, poetic, tender, romantic – all it’s the Moon.

Figurative Associations: mother, motherhood, pregnancy, Feeding, preservation, protection, adaptation, assimilation, receptivity, sensitivity, moodiness, lazy, slow pace, the subconscious mind, a sense of family, affection, intuition, conservatism, traditionalism, frequency and rhythm.

Color: white, silver, green, pearl.

Develop the quality of the Moon in your character! This will allow you to better adapt to the changes in your life.

You can use this information to create a mood board at the initial stage of developing a fashion trend forecast. The symbols of the Sun and the Moon can only be used when they enter into pronounced configurations and form a conjunction with the slow and social planets in a fashionable horoscope. This information will also be valuable when analyzing the DNA of a fashion brand in a company registration horoscope.