With Venus with the most beautiful and emotional legends and images are associated.

A drop of blood fell into the sea, causing a rich foam. From this snow-white foam Aphrodite with beautiful golden-haired aroused (in ancient Rome she was called Venus). Drowning in flowers, accompanied by Harith and nymphs, the epitome of beneficent Nature, stepped on the land of Aphrodite, the goddess of fertility and eternal spring. She carried an abundance of fields, guarded by sailors, sanctified by his presence the mountains. Aphrodite was indispensable during marriage and childbirth, uniting all things great power of love. The people and the gods, all except Athens, Hestia and Artemis, all they obey Aphrodite.

Aphrodite brought with it not only the world of harmony and happiness, but also sadness, suffering and tears. Arrows her son Eros wounded deep in the heart, and strong, and it happened that and deadly. Master of Olympus Zeus knew how much pain would bring people to the curly-haired boy, and would deprive life of Eros, but Aphrodite saved her son from death. Since then, Eros became the executor of her will. The ancient goddess called in two ways: Aphrodite Urania (Heavenly) and Aphrodite Pandemos (folk).

Women, warm, wet, soft, fertile, harmonious, elegant, tactful, mannered, artistic, subjective, emotional, sensual, relaxed, leisurely, feminine, diplomacy, moody, passive, indulgent – some of these epithets in common with the characteristics of Moon, the other women’s planet.

Figurative Associations: aesthetics, need to love and be loved, charm, luxury, wealth, magnetism, friendship, partnership, love, marriage, cooperation, compromise, subtle perception of colors.

Color: white, pink, all soft and harmonious tones.

Develop the qualities of Venus, and you’ll learn all the wealth of love!

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