The study of the symbolism of the planets is of great importance for both beginners astrologers, and those who study the application possibilities of this vast discipline, for example, Fashion Astrology.

From ancient times, the Sun was the center of the universe and the chief luminary of day, which made all further counts cycles and calendars.

In the ancient Greek pantheon the Sun bores the name Helios. His chariot drawn by four winged horses every morning rushes into the sky. Coping with it can not even the almighty Zeus. Head of Helios decorated radiant crown streaming sparkling clothes, pour on the hot earth, the life-giving rays. None of the act is not hidden from his sight. There was a belief that the perpetrators shall be punished with blindness. Radiant, generous, noble god.

Other epithets of the Sun: masculine, bright, dry, warm, golden, luminous, sublime, central, daytime, manifestations, royal, positive, generous, majestic, creative, selfish, condescending, sincere.

Figurative Associations: fire, heat, a lion, an eagle, the center of gravity, strength, honor, pride, glory, vitality, ambition, credibility, integrity, artistry, informal leadership, a sense of exclusivity.

Color: sunny, orange, bright yellow.

Develop the quality of the Sun in your character, and people will reach to you!

You can use this information to create a mood board at the initial stage of developing a fashion trend forecast. The symbols of the Sun and the Moon can only be used when they enter into pronounced configurations and form a conjunction with the slow and social planets in a fashion horoscope. This information will also be valuable when analyzing the DNA of a fashion brand in a company registration horoscope.