Myths and legends about Jupiter usually are sweep and grandeur, how befits for the planet of «great happiness».

Jupiter is a powerful and formidable deity (in ancient Greece Zeus). However, before get the power, Zeus faced a hard fight. The victory over the Titans was given to him with great victory. Gaea in revenge for the massacre of her son Cronus gave birth to Typhon, causing ugly dark forces of Tartarus. Hundred-head monster in epic proportions appeared under Sun, and even the gods themselves shuddered from his chilling roar. Devours flames engulfed everything. It seemed that only a miracle can save the Earth of imminent death. Zeus courageously joined this fight. His fiery lightning smashed head of Teton, and peals of thunder from the mighty power shook the firmament. Typhon was cast down, Zeus has thrown in Tartarus his prostrate body. Still, the threat is not over. The forces of darkness continue to threaten mankind.

On the sacred Mount Olympus a new generation of gods under the supreme rule of Zeus settled. They laid the foundations of statehood and the rule of law, the concept of shame, conscience, and the laws of the hostel. Eventually, Zeus became the personification of the highest cosmic energy, which determines the course of world processes. He was regarded as the defender of the oppressed and wronged, «giver of life». Zeus conductors will become heroes born to them, they played an important role in the fate of mankind.

Zeus is the power not only benevolent, but also to punish them. Sending flood on the ground, he destroys the sinful human race, sparing only Deucalion and Pyrrha: righteous, from which was to begin a perfect human race.

With Jupiter such epithets as regal, male, expansive, inclusive, generous, majestic, noble, just, selfless, religious, romantic, sublime, impressive, imposing, lavish irascible are linked.

Figurative Associations: growth, expansion, synthesis, expansion, luck, luck, wisdom, spirit of the law, conscience, compassion, a teacher, a guru, a holder, a missionary, philosopher and fighter for justice, an idealist, an altruist, a dreamer, a supreme judge.

Color: purple, cherry, color of the night sky.

Develop the qualities of Jupiter! They embody the best achievements of human civilization.

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