With Mars a variety of myths and legends linked: how aggressive and peaceful its nature is.

In ancient Greece, mars was named Ares and he was unloved son of Zeus. He had a violent, aggressive disposition, catching up on the surrounding awe and horror. He was called «the destroyer of cities», «destroyer of the people»,  treacherous and rave. Horses of Mars, borned from God of north wind Boreas, and from one of Erin goddesses, galloped wildly through the fields of battle, destroying and breaking everything in his path. As arrow from the string taut, straining to free spontaneous, energy of the god of war unbridled. The Romans Mars is considered the father of Romulus and Remus, the founders of Rome, he was belligerent patron of the Roman people. He is devoted to magic rituals and hymns before going to the temple commander was to enlist the support of the god of war.

Mars is sometimes carried out peaceful function, representing the productive forces of nature. He was guarding the fields against pests and herds from wolves. With his name the arrival of spring linked. He was also the embodiment of male power and fertility. Beloved Mars became the fairest of goddesses: Venus, the wife of the lame Hephaestus. Jealous Hephaestus could not bear a grudge and entangled lovers with invisible network. The incident amused the Olympian gods, but Mars and Venus were scattered in different directions.

What are the adjectives usually associated with Mars? Male, hot, dry, barren, active, impetuous, combative, aggressive, dangerous, evil, active, contrasting, solid, uncompromising, brash, rude, irresistible, vitality, endurance, independent, impulsive, explosive, sexy.

Figurative associations: the enthusiasm of courage craving for danger, the desire to be «here and now», egocentrism, ambition, a tendency for the fights, temper, the ability to quickly restore power, objective and purposeful action.

Color: red, scarlet, the color of blood.

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