Most of the myths about Saturn are connected with the concepts of law and order.

In ancient times, from the primordial chaos, there was the Earth (Gaia), who became the mother of heaven, Uranus. Uranus then married his mother Gaia. From this union very terrible children began to born. Uranus hated them and concluded in the womb of the mother Earth, causing her unbearable suffering. Only the youngest son of Uranus, Kronos (as Saturn was called in ancient Rome) decided to rebel against his father. Thus, the spontaneous, uncontrollable force of Uranus was curbed by solid intervention of Kronos and subject to strict order. Kronos was afraid of losing power. His children have not arrived with his father as well as he did with his father, he began to devour them one by one. Rhea, wife of Cronus, was able to save only one child, Zeus, father of the future destroyer. Kronos in the image of the beast, swallows their children, in the culture of ancient Greece, symbolizing a fast current time in which everyone living disappeared.

The Roman Saturn was worshiped as the God of crops and a rich harvest. Thanks to him, people have learned to cultivate the land, to plant vines, mastered the craft. During the reign of Saturn the golden age of abundance was, because everyone behaved according to a higher law.

What epithets associated with this severe planet? Male, cold, dry, heavy, conservative, concrete, ascetic, consistent, powerful, cautious, prudent, suspicious, organized, responsible, isolated, lonely, laconic, tenacious, persistent, focused, self-centered.

Figurative Associations: shape, border, customs, traditions and ancestors, taboos, restrictions, careerism, old age, debt, will, firmness, bigotry, the letter of the law, order, structure, crystallization, compression.

Color: lead, black, dark blue.

Qualities of Saturn appear to us strange and heavy, but they retain the structure of our everyday life.

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