Beautiful, intriguing, illusory myths and fantasies are associated with Neptune.

Neptune (Poseidon) is one of the most important participants in the Olympic divine plot. After the final victory of Zeus over the Titans spheres of influence were divided between the three brothers: Zeus got the sky, the underworld by Hades, and sea by Poseidon (Neptune). Power of Zeus, the guardian of order and justice, firmly established over the people and the gods. Freedom-loving Poseidon could not tolerate this. He has spoken against the decisions of the lord, and against the other Olympian Gods. It was not wonderful palace on Mount Olympus, and at the bottom of the deep sea. Dark-haired, blue curly, he flies over the sea on a chariot drawn by horses with long mane. For him it’s enough to raise his magic trident over a wave, and over a wave, and the storm caused by his son, Triton, calms down. Many sea gods submitted him, among them: prophetic elders Nereus and Proteus, initiated into the mysteries of the future.

Poseidon is worshiped as god of the sea, and the sources of earthquakes. He is able to knock out his trident moisture from fresh sources, increase the fertility of the land. The cult of Poseidon-Neptune with his violent temper and attempts to save independence is associated with disasters that accompanied his anger, then gives way to mercy.

How did our ancestors imagine him? A powerful, capricious, irascible, independent, illusory, deceptive, moody, emotional, fabulous, fickle, water, mysterious, alluring, musical, poetic, dreamy, religious, compassionate, productive, prophetic, lonely, introspective.

Figurative associations: the vast ocean, blur, blur, blurring, laziness, sensuality, alcohol, drugs, medicines, perfumes, dyes, dreams and fantasies, neuroticism, stealth, intrigue, imaginative thinking, a state of consciousness under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Color: purple, celadon, various shimmering colors, passing from one to another.

Dive into the endless depths of Neptune’s, but do not lose touch with reality!

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