With Uranus, bearer of a new knowledge and a new order, quite scary myths are associated.

In Greek mythology, Uranus is the deity personifying the sky. When his youngest son Cronus (Saturn) castrated his father, from the drops of blood of Uranus that had fallen on the ground, the giants, Erin, nymphs neem and Aphrodite (Venus) were born. Who were these children of Uranus (Heaven) and Gaia (Earth)? Giants dreaded with their appearance: thick hair and beards, the lower part of the body was like a snake. They were mortal, but came to the battle with the gods-Olympians. Among them: strange creatures, causing awe. Erin – the goddess of vengeance – old woman with flying snakes instead of hair. They appear in the world to initiate a vengeance, madness, anger. They also protect the rights of the dead, the rights of mothers and even order and justice throughout the universe. Nymphs neem – the deity of nature – regarded as the mother of all people. They keep the ancient wisdom, a doctor and cure, predict the future, attaching to a person by secret forces of nature. The goddess Aphrodite, Venus also wins hearts suddenly and irrevocably, passing Earth priceless gift of heaven, Love.

What qualities people give to Uranus? Independent, looking into space, man, unpredictable, unusual, non-trivial, sudden, brusque, energetic, unconventional, progressive, inventive, revolutionary, self-confident, altruistic, revolutionary, subversive of the old and obsolete.

Figurative associations: lightning, insight, inspiration, leadership, entrepreneurship, authoritarianism, rebellion, fickle, insight, knowledge, science, breakthrough into the unknown, the transition from quantity to quality, craving for novelty, deviation, aberration, shocking.

Color: all artificial, unusual, sharp color and combinations thereof.

Developing the qualities of Uranus, you go out on the path of sudden and unexpected changes. It is difficult to be a revolutionary, but it’s worth it!

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